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Oct 16, 2012 04:46 PM

What's your favorite hot toddy recipe?

Fall is upon us, winter is creeping up, and the temperatures are dropping, especially at night here in San Francisco. Which, to me, means that it's hot toddy season once again. My preferred method is a teaspoon of honey, a tot of brandy (I like to use Paul Masson Grande Amber for this because it's relatively inexpensive), a few ounces of hot water, and a cinnamon stick, which I like to let steep in the drink for a few minutes before drinking. Won't actually cure a cold, but makes you feel better about having one.

I'm eager to hear what other recipes people enjoy, though, especially since there are essentially no prescribed ingredients in a hot toddy.

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  1. This one seems nice. I haven't tried the fat washing (which is obviously the big thing here) but I used all the ingredients and just added some of the toasty vanilla butter and it was very nice tasting even if it still suffered from the floating butter problem. I admit I don't like how watery most toddys are ("hot water spiked with booze" as the article describes) so I liked the idea of using tea instead of just water .

    1. Jagertee as served on the slopes in Austria.

      2 parts hot black tea.
      1 part 160 proof Stroh rum or other sweet high octane industrial cleaner.
      Tablespoon of honey.

      Watched an intermediate skier go all the way to the bottom of a black diamond slope after 2 of these.

      Skis, poles, and a boot followed.

      1. I mix all kinds of 'brown' type beverages with chamomile tea..... brandy, scotch, dark rum,.... whatever i have in the house.... I usually add some honey too. Learned about hot toddy's at a conference when i was talking all day, and lost my voice....yum.