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What restaurants have I not been to and need to check out?

Hey CHers, I need your help.

Hoping you can help a Vegas degenerate eater out with some suggestions for places to try this trip. My wife and I are serious foodies, and have been to Vegas 10+ times in the past 3 years. Our favorite places are Raku and Lotus. We've done E by Jose Andres twice, Robuchon and Le Cirque, as well as many of the other highly regarded places. We haven't done any of Picasso, Guy Savoy or Twist, but I've been reading so many poor reviews about Twist lately and Guy Savoy seems awfully expensive when pretty much no one likes it better than Robuchon or E. For $300/pp, I expect Alinea quality.

For this trip, we're there 8 days, and have resos for Raku, Kabuto and Chada Thai, and are super excited for all 3. We'll be doing Bouchon brunch at least once, hitting up Scarpetta (which we really enjoyed last trip), as well as Lotus and Estatoria Milos. Outside of those, the only other place I think we may try is Atelier, since I've been there, but my wife has not.

So, we have lots of empty breakfast/lunch/dinner slots, and most likely we will fill them with 2nd visits to Raku +/- Chada Thai (if as good as advertised).

Regarding food preferences, we're not into foie gras, but otherwise it's pretty much all good. We don't only eat fancy food, $6 bowls of Pho or $2 tacos are fine too. We actually eat lots of burgers, and love Burger Bar at Mandalay. We will eat off strip, as evidenced by all the Spring Mountain places, but take cabs, so no Marche Bacchus type distances. We did used to cab it to Rosemary's when it was open, sad that it closed last year.

I'm toying with the idea of Savoy, but again, it better blow my mind for that price.

We're looking for more places to eat, from cheap to crazy expensive, so long as its delicious. Where should we go?



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  1. You should consider Sage at the Aria. I had a terrific Chef's Tasting dinner in March. I definitely plan to return!

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      +1 for Sage, we may not agree on Le Cirque but Sage is truly outstanding!

      Monta for tonkotsu ramen

      Cut for real Japanese wagyu

      Carnevino for riserva 120-day aged steaks

      Bacchanal for buffet

      Tacos el gordo

      Payard patisserie for dessert pastries

      I-naba for soba/udon

      1. re: zack

        +1 for Carnevino
        +1 for Payard
        +1 for Tacos el Gordo (good, cheap tacos)

        However, CUT's Japanese wagyu is only A4, with a BMS of 6 -- at least as of September 30. That just isn't good enough to justify the extra expense.

    2. Give Bar+Bistro at Charleston/Main a try.


      1. Consider the Barrymore. Old school Vegas atmosphere, good bar, and very solid food. It's in the Royal Resort, just off the strip north of the Wynn.
        Kabuto is fantastic; you will certainly enjoy it.
        Sage is also really terrific (much better than McClain's places in Chicago)
        For a fun lunch consider Le Thai, downtown on Fremont Street; the food is very good and it's where a lot of folks who work and live downtown go. Also yummy downtown is a new place, EAT, which is open for breakfast and lunch.

        1. my favorite means during our trip to Vegas in August were
          Holsteins Burger at the Cosmopolitan - it was a great lunch, fried pickles were yummm
          DOCG (right next to Scarpetta, it was fantastic)

          1. I would add Country Club at the Wynn...Oyster Bar at Palace Station...Delmonico's at the Venetian...Bouchon, Verandah or Peppermill for breakfast...Secret pizza at the Cosmo for late night.
            Charlie Palmer's 'Cut of the Week' or Hugo's Cellar downtown at the 4 Queens for old school dining.
            Only heard great things about Sage..

            1. Can I post a mild dissent about Sage? I had an extremely pleasant meal there last month. Enjoyed the ambience and the service, and none of the food was less than good. But I also didn't eat anything that was great, and although I know I ate an octopus salad as an appetizer and scallops for an entree, I can't remember anything else about them (other than that the fingerling potatoes in the salad were a little mushy), never a good sign. The prices are mild for a fine dining establishment, but I'm not in a rush to go back.

              1. Hey all,

                Thanks for the suggestions.
                A few of you have mentioned Sage. Unfortunately, last time we went, it was one of the biggest disappointments of any meal I can recall. Everything was good, nothing was great, just as Dave said. We were very underwhelmed by it. The only good part I can remember were some oysters and NV Krug to start. We did do a set menu that night, so maybe a la carte is better. Are there particular items to cherry pick off the menu, as I would consider a return visit, but it would really have to be much better than last time.
                Monta I always want to try, especially since it's next to Raku. Always look at it, but then decide on Raku instead.
                We always seem to skip steakhouses based on some sort of haughtiness about being from Alberta, Canada. One of the biggest things about Alberta is the quality of the beef, and I find the steaks we can cook at home comparable to many very high end restaurant steaks anyway.

                Payard patisserie is a good suggestion, we'll add that to the list for sure. Anyone had the croque madame/monsieur or other comments on menu items?

                Tacos El Gordo too, thanks.

                I'm curious if anyone else has comments on Holstein's burgers as compared with Burger Bar/Brasserie, etc.

                We've been to Bouchon many, many times, and love it. We'll definitely be hitting up some chicken and waffles this trip. I've looked at Verandah, can anyone who has been to Bouchon, Payard and Verandah compare them?

                I've always been interested in the Country Club at the Wynn, so maybe we'll try to hit that up as well. Suggestions on particular items?

                Now looking like the following:
                Breakfasts/Brunches: Bouchon, Payard Patisserie, Country Club, +/- Verandah
                Lunches: Estatorio Milos, Lotus, Joe's Stone Crab, Burger Bar, Tacos El Gordo ?Holstein's
                Dinners: Raku, Kabuto, Chada Thai, Scarpetta, maybe return to Sage, Atelier

                Oh, and getting the Joel Robuchon caviar egg at Atelier costs $235 per egg. Better off to just go to Robuchon I guess.

                Thanks, and any other suggestions are great too.


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                  1. re: Dave Feldman

                    Dave, that's a great idea. I had no idea they were open for lunch. Thanks.

                    Have you by chance been to MoZen or Twist in MO recently? Thoughts?


                    1. re: 97Sperss

                      Monta is open straight through from 11:30-11:00 P.M. Sunday-Thursday, and 11:30-1:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday, so it's a particularly good place to go at weird hours (perfect for hitting at 3:00 p.m. if you are going to eat late). It is popular for lunch, so it's not uncommon to have a little wait for a seat.

                      I haven't been to MoZen or Twist ever.

                  2. re: 97Sperss

                    Holstein's has very good burgers and service. The room is very loud at night. It's a fun loud, but still very loud, if that's a concern. The only burger that might be better on the strip is Todd English P.U. B. at city center. Both much better than Burger Bar. I've tried every high end burger on the strip and the only two that are excellent were Todd English P.U. B. and Holsteins.

                  3. What about M & M Soul Food Cafe or EllaEm's Soul Food for Southern fried chicken and cornbread?

                    Or Miko's Izakaya, IchiZa or Yagyu Yakiniku?

                    Being from Orange County I am spoiled with good Vietnamese and have found the same quality in LV, but Pho Kinh Do is a good as I have had in LV and it would probably be the best in a lot of towns, just not Garden Grove or Westminster CA.

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                    1. re: scottca075

                      I've heard great things about Pho Kinh Do...dang, I was there last month and though, LOS calls my name, look forward to trying this place.


                      1. re: Beach Chick

                        Thanks for those suggestions. We love Pho and Soul Food sounds awesome. Great stuff.

                        EllaEm's seems to have the better reviews online, have you tried both? Thoughts?


                    2. For the cost of one of your fancy meals you can get a car for a week, or thereabouts, and get off the STRIP.

                      I'd pass on Tacos El Gordo, I didn't find it any better than other places I have been.

                      For some old school go to Tiffany's cafe for some good greasy spoon-and I say that in a good way. It is a favorite at 2AM after a night of fun.

                      The Four Kegs for pizzas, and strombolis. After MIdnight they are 1/2 off. Diners Drive ins and Dives did a show there.

                      Namaste next to LOS for Indian fare. Tell Melque the owner that Walt sent ya.

                      Fausto's Mexican Grill has some good breakfast burritos.

                      Bar+ Bistro in the Arts Factory. Chef Beni has been doing some great things over there.

                      I had a good steak at Twin Creeks inside the Silverton Casino.

                      Friends love Le Thai on Fremont Street.

                      We also have several food trucks that you can grab lots of different cuisines off of. Love Grub, Slidin thru, Sloppy Joe's, Fuku Burger, just to name a few.

                      I have had several good meals at Paymon's Mediterranean.

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                      1. re: BIGGUNDOCTOR

                        Hey BGD,

                        Great suggestion. Rented a car for $140 for 8 days, which will be great considering the number of times we'll be eating off strip.


                        1. re: 97Sperss

                          I knew it wouldn't be that bad, and a lot better than cab rides.

                          I used to take 11 day road trips , and a car from AVIS was $250 with unlimited mileage-which was good considering I would put on 4,000 in the 11 days =)

                          What is the time frame that you will be in LV? There is always something happening in the valley-nonStrip.

                          Have fun on your trip, and keep us updated.