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Oct 16, 2012 04:19 PM

Florida Cookery - Looks like they are taking the shrimp dish to SOBE

On their menu they have:

That's got to be it right? What else can it be? - especially considering they have small and large portions...

Seems the ribs will be a bit different, so we will see about that.

Awesome news for the neighborhood.

Now, if we can get brewhouse to put the Pastrami on rye from Josh's deli on their menu, we will really be rocking.

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  1. From the preview menu on the website there will be lots of carry-over from Red Light, though tweaked and fancified some.

    The ribs sound similar if not identical, the clams w fried green tomatoes is similar to a mussel dish at RL, the egg & cheese broil, the quail, the burger all look like variations on RL dishes.

    I think it's a great looking menu.

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      Agreed. Very excited. Tell Josh, to put the pastrami in the Brewhouse. He listens to you :).

    2. Ended up visiting Florida Cookery for the first time Friday afternoon (rather than Saturday as originally planned). I was not disappointed.

      Ordered my own “tasting menu” of: Old Recipe (1948) Florida Cookery Conch Chowder ($10); Conch Fritters ($7); Kris’s Biscayne Blvd Shrimp (sm, $10); and Sticky Guanabana Glazed Ribs w Green Papaya Slaw (sm $10). (See photos attached).

      It was a gorgeous afternoon so I sat outside facing the pool and, through the palm trees, the bright blue Atlantic.

      Service was prompt, friendly and professional throughout.

      Conch chowder was a nice surprise. I’m used to and enjoy the standard very tomato-ee and highly spiced preparation you’ll get 99% of the time. Yet this was almost like a Conch Bisque. Pretty sure there was some cream in there. Delicious flavor, plenty of conch, rich yet not too rich as most bisques tend to be.

      I was initially disappointed that my side of fritters was served as two measly “fingers” of conch fritter along with the soup. That is, until my actual side order came out and I realized the soup comes served with two fritters standard. So I could have done without that extra side order. Although the fritters were also good, again, no shortage of conch - none of the glorified hush puppies we see so often.

      Out came the ribs and shrimp and it was quite a beautiful sight of deep and dark colors and textures.

      The shrimp (4 or 5, head on) were cooked perfectly but of course the peppery dark “BBQ” Worcestershire-based sauce was the star. The side of bread did not go to waste. This reminded me of a Paul Prudhomme BBQ Shrimp recipe (not surprising given their backgrounds) I’ve been making for years. But mine never tasted quite like this.

      I’m no rib expert but these were extremely meaty, extremely flavorful. Very dark, deep and smoky tasting. Apparently they’re quite a favorite here and I can understand why.

      Unfortunately I was way too full to try dessert. In retrospect this would have been plenty of food without the fritters, but I’m not complaining. Looking forward to a return visit.