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Oct 16, 2012 03:55 PM

Terroni - Pizzeria Libretto - QMP....Can Pizza be this good?

Thanks to chowhounds; jlunar and flexitarian who quite easily invigorated my senses as I enduldged myself on an endless google search on these 3 Pizza Restos. Being from out of town and returning to the city after a 5yr hiatus (next week), I was astonished on the amount of web-space that is given to these Pizza Restos. As I remember TO, Terroni was the king of pizza (a place like no place).

What have Libretto/QMP done to gain the loyalty of the TO pizza fan base?

I have read the VPN stuff and the Italian wood burning oven stuff but is that all it takes to warrant a 1hr wait for pizza?

Apparently they use San Marz tomatoes..which is a must but I also see that they have very popular white it can't just be the tomato sauce, perhaps it's the vibe? the service?

Looking forward to your feedback....and thanks again to the aforementioned foodies.....never thought I would find so much to read about on Pizza!!!

Terroni is still king in my heart OR at least until I get to try the others ;)

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  1. QMP and Pizzeria Libretto Danforth take reservations. No need to wait an hour.

    It's mostly about the crust. Somewhat burnt near the edges, a little wet near the centre. Different type of flat crust than Terroni.

    If you have time, I'd recommend trying a pizza at each place on your own. They'll box any leftovers. They each have a different product, and I don't think the presence of PL or QMP has hurt Terroni's business. People that liked Terroni in 2007 still like Terroni now.

    All 3 are open for lunch and dinner.

    1. Maybe it's a little bit more than that but I have no way of knowing. I like the fact they don't push high priced mineral water on you for $8/bottle and are very happy to serve you free filtered water in large bottles. I like that the bulk of the wine bottles they sell are between $35-$45 a bottle. I like that, 'fake authenticity' or not (as someone suggested in another thread), they attempt to provide a pizza that is 'authentic' because of the strict adherence to particular ingredients and having imported a wood oven from Italy, regardless of how dubious some may think the provenance of that pizza is. They go to the trouble to provide something that appears to be different. I like that there is a buzz in the place (albeit a bit loud). I like that the service is quite good and you never wait for ages for someone to come to your table or to get your bill, no matter how busy it is. Finally I like that their pizza tastes so good. I like that a lot of people agree with me as the place has line-ups often early in the evening.

      I like QMP slightly less mainly because I don't think it has a lot of ambience, but I think their pizza is just as good. But, I go there for a change of scenery.

      I also like the story of a restauranteur (the guy who started Libretto) who has his financing pulled before he opened the place and managed to convince a lot of his employees to chip in and become owners of the place too. I like that his/their success at Libretto allowed them the resources to open Enotica Sociale only a few short years after Libretto was opened.

      All in all, we need more stories like Libretto. And poo-poo to those of you who keep putting the place down. Not everyone likes the type of pizza they serve. So, just don't go there then. Others have voted with their dollars and feet and the place is always packed (for a reason!)

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      1. re: Flexitarian

        I like Libretto. It's nice to Libretto and Enoteca thrive after the Silver Spoon went down. Well put Flexitarian!

      2. If I want pizza, I choose either QMP or Libretto. Both are good and really, it depends on location. Terroni is still okay, but not my first thought for a pie..!

        Mind, I wrote my bits on QMP and Libretto some time ago now!

        1. I know I am one of the few on here who really loves Pizza e Pazzi as I rate it right up there with QMP and Terroni. PnP has addictive sauce and cheese and a near perfect crust. Terroni pizza is always executed the same delicious way visit after visit and the flavours are always so well balanced. QMP has the very best crust IMO and its very tasty. I like that these places never overcook the pizza resulting in overly blistered [burnt] crust, as I often got at Libretto before I dropped them off of my go-to list.

          1. As others have said, if you are waiting an hour at QMP or Libretto you are doing it wrong, book a reservation.

            QMP has the closest crust to Naples and the South of Italy of any Neapolitan pizza in Toronto in my opinion, and I have tried them all. Libretto is second best, Terroni is not even close.

            Don't get me wrong, I like Terroni's pizza (and Mercatto,etc), but for those of use who crave that authentic crust, QMP is the best.

            Oh and if they have their meatballs or polenta fries apps, magnificent. Can't wait for their west end location to open so they are closer to high park.


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              I would say forget about all these big names and try Falasca on Yonge between Davisville and Eglinton.