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Oct 16, 2012 02:56 PM

Best Source for Large, Meaty Pork Ribs in the Boston area

Often times I find that the Spareribs I purchase in the supermarkets or Costco just aren't big enough or meaty enough. Is it just me or is there a better source for bigger pork ribs? I am doing a BBQ in a couple of weeks for about 20 people. Normally I wouldn't go to a place like John Dewar's for pork ribs but if I have to pay more so be it so long as they are worth the extra price.

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  1. Meatland in Jamaica Plain has great ribs and very reasonably priced.

    1. I have gotten some good meaty spare ribs at costco in the past. Since this summer though, all they seem to have had are St. Louis cut ribs - and babybacks.

      Have you checked BJ's too?

      1. Check out the Swift Select St Louis cut spare ribs at BJs. Nice and meaty 3+lbs per rack.

        1. i've gotten great ribs at market basket.

          1. If you can get access to Restaurant Depot, theirs are excellent (and usually a lot to choose from). You can get St. Louis, or untrimmed.