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Oct 16, 2012 02:41 PM

anyone know where to buy Oyster serving plates in Toronto?

Checked out the usual suspects (Nikolai and Tap Phong) as well as asking several restaurants that serve Oysters...

Looking for the stainless steel trays that hold crushed ice, preferably with the central area for any toppings, but open to those without.


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  1. Not an oyster holder but I have a large paella pan that doubles as one. I got mine in St. Lawrence market.

    1. Nikolau, Queen and Bathurst. Reinforced spun aluminum pans, and great steel stands too...

      1. This is a bit late, in case you are still looking: I don't know if they have them, but you could try the kitchen place in the middle of St. Lawrence Market on the main floor (sorry don't know the name). They always seem to have every manner of random plates, utensils, serving things and cooking vessels, at reasonable prices, and they do have a quite a few seafood serving items (bibs, forks, crackers, etc.). There's a good chance they may have what you are looking for (or something that would work just as well), especially given the number of fishmongers right beside them in the market. Good luck.

        1. Hi,
          Just wondering if you ever found a proper oyster serving plate, and if so where? I, too, have been looking for one for quite some time!