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Save Three Dry Pork Chops!

I did something stupid. Once again. I overcooked porkchops and I don't wan't to toss them. What can I do to them to make a decent meal. Anything? Any suggestions ?

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  1. Cube it fine, add some potatoes and peppers and make a hash. Chop/shred it and add to barbecue sauce for sandwiches or red chile/enchilada sauce for tacos. Chop/shred and simmer in a spaghetti sauce with some olives and red wine. It will be even better if you let any of these preparations sit in the fridge a day after you make them so the pork can absorb the sauce.

    1. Thank you. All three ideas work for me.

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        You're welcome. It's so easy to overcook pork.

      2. I've cubed it and wonder if it's possible to slow-cook the meat into tenderness without breaking it down.

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          I think it will turn into shreds in the slow cooker. But they'd be moist shreds. -- Ropa vieja? http://markbittman.com/leftover-boile...

        2. Sliced and Julienned, soaked in some chicken broth, soy, rice wine vinegar and sherry for a few houys, remove the meat and heat the sauce.

          Stir fry some veggies, or make some pasta or rice with veggies. About 3 mins before ready, throw the pork into the hot marinade to heat(take it off the heat)

          1. My husband takes the meat and cuts it into strips and then braises it with BBQ sauce and onions. One of those things leftover from being a man from the South living in an apartment with a bunch of other guys.

            1. You could make pate in the food processor and serve it with cheese, fruit, crackers and a nice wine!

              1. If the chops are overcooked and dry, you really can't do anything to reintroduce moisture. Best thing to do is to braise in some liquid and aromatics to create a sauce. Basically make smothered chops. You could take some onion, carrot and pepper or other similar veg and cut into strips, saute and deglaze pan with wine, stock, tomato sauce, etc. Nestle chops in sauce, cover and cook on low until chops are tender. Serve chops with noodles/rice/pasta and the sauce.

                1. I see you've already cubed it but for next time, cuz this happens to most of us multiple times, slice super thin, drizzle with a vinegarette, cut open a good baguette and make a banh mi-ish sandwich. Shredded carrots, cucumber, cilantro, sriracha mayo, whatever you have on hand.


                  1. I once rescued some rather dry ribs by stripping the meat from the bones, cooking the bones to make a stock, then combining the two with tomatoes, beans and peppers to make a chili. A few hours of slow, moist cooking helped rescue them.

                    Try brining the chops before cooking them: it adds some moisture. Take care when using old recipes: they were written for fattier pork and the cooking times they give usually result in very dry chops. These days I mostly braise mine.

                    1. So many good suggestions that I might have to dry out some new pork chops to try them all!

                      Thanx, Chowhounz!

                      1. As said above, chop them up and warm in some bbq sauce and maybe a little water. Serve on a bun.

                        Alternatively, think of them as pork jerky and eat standing over the sink after several drinks.

                        1. chop, food process, then mix with mayo and anything else you'd like in a pork-salad-sandwich type spread. we do this with curry, mustard, celery, nuts, etc.