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Oct 16, 2012 01:22 PM

Need help - Chili for daughters school

I need to make chili for about 60 children and 6 adults at my daughters school. The children are 1st through 6th graders. Was also thinking of making some corn bread to go with it, and will be making two batches one vegetation and one meat.

Does anyone have any idea on how much I should make for this lunch?

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  1. You will have some large appetite differences in that large a spread of age groups. The little ones won't eat more than a cup each and the older ones about a cup and a half.
    5 gallons of chili should be plenty

    1. You don't mention if there will be other foods. Obviously, that will affect how much each kid eats. I think chefj's quantities are good, very generous. Downscale if there will be other snacks/entrees on hand. My kids love chili and would eat on the high side of the estimate but they have friends who are suspicious of anything in sauce, with beans, reddish, etc.

      1. Link to USDA School cafeteria 50 & 100 portion recipes

        USDA School cafeteria - Chili con Carne with Beans - 50 & 100 portion recipe - PDF Format

        USDA School cafeteria - Cornbread - 50 & 100 portion recipe - PDF Format

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          Thanks everyone, went with 9 lbs beef plus beans (about 5 gallons), a second small batch of vegetarian and two 9by 13 pans of cornbread. Plenty for everyone with some left overs. Children loved it and the ones who helped cook had a great time.