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Oct 16, 2012 01:16 PM

Dumplings in Montgomery County PA

We just had the pleasure of eating at Dim Sum Palace in Philadelphia and loved the dumplings. However, we live in montgomery county and would love to find some great dumplings in this area. I have read good things about Chong's Dumpling House in Lansdale. Has anybody been there? I don't care that it's a "hole in the wall....." So is the Dim Sum Palace and their food is wonderful. Looking forward to responses. Thanks.

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  1. parking myself in the corner to see what responses you get. I would love to find good dumplings in Montco! :)

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      I'm going to try Chang's Dumpling House in Lansdale anyway. Why don't you do the same and then we can post about it?

      Meanwhile, you're welcome to park as long as you want.

    2. I am a frequent customer of theirs.

      Their crispy-bottom 生煎包(raw-fried dumpling) is pretty good. Its pork filling is wrapped in leaven sour dough, steamed with small amount of water and a bit of oil. When the water is evaporated, the bottom of the dumplings is then crisped up by the thin layer of oil in the pan. In my opinion, theirs is better than the same dish offered by Dim Sum Garden (Chinatown in Philadelphia) mainly because their dough is more fragrant and superior.

      However, for soup dumplings (juicy pork in thin unleaven wrapper), Dim Sum Garden is still the top spot in greater Philadelphia. Yes, going to Chinatown is a trek. But it's still a short drive compared to the drive to NYC. Years ago, I used to have to go THERE for soup dumplings at Joe's Shanghai.

      In Lansdale, between Shell.Fish.Sue and Chong's (a few doors apart), I'd pick Chong's. Both fit the description of hole-in-the-wall in my book (meaning not all that fancy). But Chong's offers more and better food for less $. One simply cannot beat that.

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        Thank you for the feedback. Would you believe that I didn't really like the soup dumplings all that much? So I wouldn't go back to CC if the other dumplings are just as good close by.

        1. re: allieboy

          might try the food court at Assi Plaza. Haven't been there in awhile though

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            I walked through Assi Plazas food court the other day, and was struck in how much more korean and japanese it felt. I think I saw some places with shu mai.

            I am curious about the range of dumplings at Chongs, (and I am kicking myself for never having gone there even though I worked in the area for 10 years.. ). I like to find different fillings.. leek,all vegetable, pork and shrimp.. not to mention buns in addition to dumplings steamed boiled or fried.

            1. re: cwdonald

              Assi is a Korean grocery store. This means it's perhaps less expensive than a Japanese place, cleaner than a Chinese store and definitely less smelly than a Vietnamese one, based on my experience. I go there regularly for their excellent produce selections, for seafood (live or not) and large varieties (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Southeast Asian and Latin Aemrican) of dry goods. However, I only eat at their food cour if pressed for time. The food tasted hurriedly assembled or re-heated, no matter which vendor or what dish I ordered. To satisfy my taste buds I'd go to Coco, a decent Korean restaurant on the other side of the same building, for any sit-down meal.

              Back to Chong's: they do offer other types of dumplings - both in filling types and cooking methods. I have ordered water-boiled Jiao Zi filled with Chinese leek and pork and found it as good as home-made ones.