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Oct 16, 2012 01:13 PM

Gastronomic Tour Tokyo 11/17-24


There are 3 of us going to Tokyo simply to eat, celebrating a big birthday.
Would like to enjoy a variety of food (tempura, yakitori, sushi, etc) emphasizing sushi.

Wouldn't mind a mixture of high-end and best bang for your buck restaurants.

New to this. Reading all the posts, I'm concerned about it being too late to make reservations.

Please advise on Not To Miss restaurants and reservation tips.

Thank you so much!!

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  1. Oh well, there are too much possible answers ...  let's try to be more specific. What is your rough budget for the birthday ? If sushi is your preference, how much are you willing to spend per person ? What are the places you will be visiting ?

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    1. re: Ninisix

      I've been reading the posts in terms of prices. I would like to try a couple high-end meals ($200-400) then the rest under $200.

      Will only be in Tokyo. Will train anywhere to eat a great meal. Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!

      1. re: PorkGrind

        im going in jan and am planning to go to the following restaurants

        sushi yoshitake
        sushi sawada
        sushi umi

        contemporary japanese

        traditional kaiseki
        ginza okuda




        ristorante aso

          1. re: jmui852

            Thank you Jeff! How difficult is it to get reservations for these restaurants?
            No English spoken here.

            Thank you!!

            1. re: PorkGrind

              better ask ur hotel concierge to start booking like now... u may want to move things around to ensure u land as many reservations as u would like.. but if u ask me id def go to all these restos + some yakitori / teppanyaki / shabushabu etc...

      2. This is going to be off the 'foodie' radar, but I wanted to give a big shout out to Gyoza Stadium in Namjatown. Not only are the gyoza stands very good, but we ate at a tiny spot in the corner that had its own table service featuring a wide variety of small items, soups, vegetables, that were outstanding. Hard to find this varierty at any one location. Shop #13 was my favorite: