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Oct 16, 2012 12:59 PM

Coffee and Dinner suggestions - Kansas City, MO

Hi all,
I'm visiting for the first time from Philadelphia, and am planning to meet a colleague for afternoon coffee. I am staying at the Embassy Suites on the Plaza, and she suggested either Classic Cup, Grand Street Cafe, or Californos. Which should I choose? And would it be advisable to meet earlier and just eat lunch there?

Also, I'll be looking to have dinner that evening someplace near my hotel. I will have a car, but bonus points for walking distance. Moderately priced, any type of cuisine...I just want really good food. Maybe something unique to KC...but it doesn't have to be. No national chains though!!

Suggestions welcome!! Thank you!

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  1. Classic Cup would be my choice. Good food and coffee and good place to people watch. For dinner on the Plaza, Cafe Trio is a fun place, especially if you sit on the covered patio or in the bar area. The Berkshire pork chop, the cowboy steak and their fish specials are very good. Jack Stack is a good local barbecue chain that has a location on the plaza. If you make the short drive to Brookside, you will find a quaint shopping, dining and residential area. Aixois has a great champagne cocktail and Julian serves very delicious simple, seasonal food.