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Oct 16, 2012 12:53 PM

Celebratory 50th Dinner for 8-12 people

Pls help me plan... Looking for a great atmosphere and delicious selection of food for a 50th Celebration. People in age group are all in their 50's and young 60's. Open to any location; price range open.

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  1. Per Se's smaller private dining room overlooking Central Park will acommodate up to 11 guests.

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      ...and cost your left lung!

      Porter House -- also in the Time Warner Center -- has gorgeous views and excellent beef! We had a lovely celebration there last month. It's not cheap, but seems so next to Per Se's prices.

    2. You should consider Bouley; delicious food, beautiful decor and excellent service. BTW, Bouley is where I celebrated my 50th birthday.