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Oct 16, 2012 12:25 PM

Not another EMP question - is there an al la carte option or just tasting menu

Also, I hear there is a beer pairing wiht the tasting but I did not see beer in the entire website or menus.
Any dishes you can reccommend?

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  1. tasting menu only and yes, they do beer pairings.

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      Is this a 3 hour commitment? I dont know that I have the stamina for that.

    2. I believe you can sit at the bar and do a la carte, but I'm unclear on what menu items are offered at the bar.

      1. There's ALC at the bar, and yes they do a beer pairing - and a fantastic job of it, at that.

        Last we were there I went with a "mix-it-up" pairing (mostly beer, a couple wines) and I specifically told them I like "funky beers" - lambics, wild ales, ones with those "barnyard" aromas. They catered the pairing to my tastes and did a spectacular job - though it helped that our bev waiter that night had similar tastes to my own. I imagine if you went in and asked to do an all-stout pairing, or only Belgians, or whatever, they'd so a smashing job of it.

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          Did the tasting last night. About 14 courses in total but I lost count. Did the wine pairing as well. Dish after dish was outstanding as was the service. Obviously a very expensive night out but one that you should experience if you can afford it. To be honest I was pretty buzzed by the end of the meal. The entire thing lasted 3.5 hours. The apple brandy was pretty harsh. One diner has a lime alergy and the worked around that beautifully.

          1. re: princeofpork3

            Yeah - it's nice that they bring out the cognac at the end (or I guess they're doing an apple brandy now?) but it's never been the best quality one. I'd have just as soon ordered a better brandy the last time we went, but they brought out the bottle so quick it was, like, might as well go with what they gave us...

            Was it a New York apple brandy, do you recall, to go with the NY theme? Maybe American Fruits, or Hidden Marsh?

            1. re: sgordon

              Clear liquid, round bottle, white label with black print.

                1. re: kathryn

                  Huh. Must be an EMP exclusive, as St. George doesn't have any apple brandies on their current roster, though they used to have a couple aged ones back in the day. Interesting that it's an unaged eau-de-vie as well, something you don't usually see with apple brandies.

                  They might do better to go with the Germain-Robin Apple Brandy if they want to keep it in the US, and something a little less harsh. I like the feistiness of a good eau-de-vie, personally, but it's not for everyone... (Although I'm not sure the GR Apple is still in production, either...)

                  1. re: sgordon

                    According to their Twitter, "This was custom for EMP. But we love apple brandy, making more this year & have some in barrel already. Stay tuned!"

                    1. re: sgordon

                      I have had apple brandy before and this stuff was harsh. Reminded me of Grain

            2. As other have stated: Dining Room, one size tasting menu only (lunch and dinner), bar and bar tables ALC. Right now the menu is offering four selections in apps, four selections in mains, four selections in dessert, of course you can mix it up however you'd like, e.g. two apps and dessert, one main and dessert, etc. Right now the foie prep is outstanding (app), GF loves the beets, in mains the tile fish is wonderful and squab with bone marrow is excellent as well. Beer pairings? Yes, absolutely, best in the city by a mile, their beer selection is deep.

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                wow, I didn't realize they offered so many food options at the bar! That's awesome.