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Oct 16, 2012 12:13 PM

Boulevard Five 72 (Kenilworth)

Have known about this place for years, considering it for a special dinner. A few reviews on this board, very favorable, but none of them recent. Has anyone been there lately?

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  1. While I have not been there recently myself (I am too much of a La Griglia fan to "cheat" like that) I do know some people that have been recently and have had no complaints.

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      1. I am not a fan at all. The food isn't bad; its just not good enough for those prices. I have heard their lunch burger is amazing.

        I would go down the street to Benitos for a fancy and delicious dinner. So much better.

        1. Wife and I had dinner there this past Wednesday, and have dined there many times. Restaurant was not crowded and we enjoyed a leisurely dinner. Service was friendly and attentive. As for the food, we took advantage of a $35.00 prix fixe menu ($45.00 with wine pairings) which had a fairly decent variety of offerings. My braised lamb shank was spot on tender and flavorful with root vegetables and risotto. Wife had cod with baby clams which she liked. We also perused the regular menu which contained many interesting offerings. It also seems that they have lowered their prices. We have always enjoyed our visits there. We also go to La Griglia often and are also very pleased with same. As for Benitos, we find this very overrated and pricey with a very uninspiring menu, mediocre service and not particularly well prepared food items. Well to each his own. Hope this was helpful.

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            We went to Blvd Five72 several days ago--thanks to our internet being deep-sixed by Sandy, this is my first chance to post. We were very impressed by the food we had there. I ordered the app of the sauteed day boat scallops, which we ended up sharing--possibly the most flavorful we have ever had, slightly caramelized on the outside, really good. Served on a lentil-celery puree--apple smoke bacon mix that was not very interesting. I had the loin of venison as a main, highest possible quality, again packed with flavor. My wife had the veal chop, she was in love with it.

            Gripes: desserts were not up to the standards of the starters and mains. They are known for the gelato--we found them terribly disappointing (Gelateria Neri in Florence is our gold standard for gelato--this did not come close). I had some sort of chocoate-peanut butter concoction that did not really impress me either. Also, serious service issues, that have been raised in other forums, and which are stil. the case. Our waiter was, to be kind, unpolished. He brought my scallops on one plate, never came back to ask if we wanted a second plate for sharing the order. At some point, he vanished, and was replaced by someone else who was much more professional. Finally, they have a great winelist, but it was very hard to get any knowledgeable information when trying to make a choice. Our first waiter was unable to answer any of my questions. At my request, he somewhat reluctantly called in the manager, who was more helpful, but still had to admit that he had not tried some of the wines I was asking about. We ended up with a very nice choice, not terribly expensive (prices on the wines do skew high there), that was a good match for our orders, but I can't help but think I could have done better with more input.

            Despite the flaws, we would definitely return.

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              We returned to Blvd Five72 last night and had a great meal. Service issues that we experienced the first time around were completely absent--our waitstaff went out of their way--even opened a bottle of the wine were were considering to give us a taste (it was excellent and we stayed with it). Winter menu includes lamb shanks, which is what I ordered as a main, extremenly rich and full-flavored, served with an equally rich parmesan risotto, and roasted root vegetables. Highly recommend this restaurant.