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Oct 16, 2012 11:12 AM

Homebase is Marriott Ko'olina. Looking for nice dinner suggestions.

This will be our first trip to Oahu. Adult couple who mainly get groceries for breakfasts and lunches but like to have a nice dinner out each night. We prefer places you can wear resort wear and have nice sunset views. Trying to stay out of Honolulu but willing to go anywear around the island. Like all food types, but prefer pacific rim/Hawaiian since we are here :-). Mama's Fish House on Maui and Postcards Cafe on kauai are the exact type of places we like. Also unique dining experiences which can be roadside places. Last is recs for a luau. We don't mind touristy but like good food and a fun show. Thanks in advance! Kreg

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  1. Check out the currnt thread on "Help with Aulani (Ko Olina) Trip -- Mariott is Aulani's neighbor :)

    If you don't mind travelling to Waikiki, dining at the Ilikai (Sarento's), Hau Tree Lanai (dining under the old hau tree on the veranda) wil wow you with the sunset!! Cheaper way is to get some picnic and go to the west coast beaches and have a wonderful sunset dinner :)

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      Thank-you. Hau Tree Lanai looks exactly up our alley, but Sarento's looks like a nice departure if doing the urban thing. Thanks for the suggestions.

    2. >>>Mama's Fish House on Maui...... are (is) the exact type of places we like<<<

      Dang, what can I recommend on Oahu that is over hyped and over priced..... J/K

      If what you like about Mama's (or Postcards) is the setting, there isn't much in Honolulu that is similar because of how urban it is. Maybe Jameson's on the North Shore, but Jameson's isn't a place I'd recommend based on food usually, just atmosphere and well..... it is a big fish in a small pond in Haleiwa.

      There is a Roy's at Ko'Olina, but I don't think it as good as either of the other Roy's on Oahu. Other than that, if you are trying to stay out of the main of Honolulu you are really, really limiting yourself for anything resembling fine food.

      I'd just go into Waikiki for La Mer or Orchids for the food and setting with a stop at the House Without a Key for cocktails before dinner.

      Commercial luau and good food do not go together. You go to the commercial luaus for the show and tolerate the food and stale jokes.

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        Gee, I've always kinda liked Jamesons, only ever had one 'iffy' meal there, and that was a long time ago. maybe not in the alan wong's/mavro/roy's category, but they don't charge at that level either.

        I agree that the best restaurants on Oahu are mostly in Honolulu, but if someone is staying out on the west side, I can't see them driving to town every evening for dinner. But after 35+ years on this island, a 30 mile trip seems like a LONG drive (can you tell I'm a 'townie'?)

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          I appreciate you thinking up some over hyped places for us :-) We reserved Sunday brunch at Orchids, but thinking of doing dinner there also lol. We live in Vegas so get the 2nd rate versions of top restaurants in the country so not trying to just try the best of the best, but looking for locale along with good food. House without a Key looks fun, will definitely go there for drinks. Thanks

        2. For a luau I would suggest the Fia Fia show that is done at the Ko Olina by Chief Sielu. He is very entertaining and it is the Best Luau we have seen and we have seen several, including the HHV Waikiki Starlight, Germaines, Feast of Lele, Paradise Cove, ... The Chief connects with the audience and although he does rehash many of his skits and jokes, if it is your 1st time, I think you will thoroughly enjoy the show. They don't do the pig cooked in an imu but I would take an evening at Fia Fia over the pig any day. They also only do this show once a week so get your tickets early before they sell out.

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          1. re: HNL

            Thanks. We were leaning towards Paradise Cove, but have done Smith's Family on Kauai and Old Lahaina luau on Maui and the Fia Fia sounds like a nice "variation" from these more typical styles. We are going to give it a try. Thanks!

            1. re: s031kab

              If you have done OLL and Smith's, there is no reason to do a luau on Oahu, they are going to be the same thing and maybe not as good.

          2. Since you will be staying in Ko Olina, Paradise Cove is just next door of Ihilani for luau. Not the best - made for tourist but it's walkig distance...

            1. Not a tourist joint with ocean views, but probably the best nearby option for well-prepared island-style food is the Hapa Grill in Kapolei. This is the multicultural "local" food people in Hawaii eat, not to be confused with the ethnic Hawaiian foods you get at luaus, though there will be some Hawaiian items on the menu. Few restaurants prepare local food that's as good as what you get in people's homes. Hapa Grill is one of the exceptions .... it's excellent.

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              1. re: emu48

                Excellent, like to try different things, and def sounds good. Thanks for the rec

                1. re: s031kab

                  Regrettsbly, I beg to differ. IMO, there are two places within 100 yards of Happa that are better: JulieZ's and Kapolei Korean.