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Oct 16, 2012 08:55 AM

Durhamite going to Charlotte--good place for Guglhupf or Vin-Rouge-style bakery breakfast/brunch?

Have a concert coming up in a few weeks, will need a substantial, carby breakfast/brunch before facing Ikea the next day. :) It'll be a weekday, though, so I know that will leave out a lot of true brunch options.

For reference, Guglhupf and Vin Rouge are two of my favorite brunch spots. I also like Rue Cler's beignets, although their Croque Madame doesn't hold a candle to Vin Rouge's.

Also wouldn't mind suggestions for quick eats before a nighttime concert. We won't have much time between checking into the hotel and the concert itself, but I'd rather not do fast food if there's a good option. (Don't know yet where hotel will be be, show is at Time Warner Arena.)

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  1. Really hard to offer many suggestions without knowing more about where you'll be staying/looking to eat. I've never been to Guglhupf or Vin Rouge, but I think maybe Cafe Monte might be similiar. Its in the Southpark neighborhood. Amelie's might be another good choice, its in the NODA neighborhood between Uptown (where the arena is) and Ikea, so you stop there on the way. Vapiano might be a good place for a quick bite near the arena. Its on Tryon Street, a couple of blocks away. Sort of an upscale italian cafeteria, which sounds weird, but its pretty good.

    1. Sunflour. Although their website highlight their sweet treats and breads they also do tasty breakfast/lunch biscuits and sandwiches as well.

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        Thank you, this sounds like a real possibility!

        EDIT: Looking at the menu, this looks like an absolute winner and exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much.

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          You're welcome! I eat there just about every time I visit my brother in Charlotte because it's so good!

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            It really is excellent. Great food and coffee. And the savory end of things is really lovely.

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          Thanks, we went to Sunflour for croissant sandwiches and coffee/french press tea. Food was great, services was excellent and friendly. Thanks again!

        3. I'd say Amelies. We were there several months ago and loved it.

          1. Nova Bakery is excellent, as well.

            1. Amelie's is insanely good but not certain for brunch/breakfast. However, they are open 24 hours a day and if you have a sweet tooth, this place will cure it. Don't miss out on their pecan tart or salted caramel brownie. No joke when I say the brownie will change the way you look at pastries!

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                Not certain about what? They have breakfast sandwiches, soup, tartines and regular sandwiches, in addition to their fantastic baked goods.

                1. re: carolinadawg

                  Uhm, not certain about brunch or breakfast just like I said, CarolinaDawg. I've only been to Amelie's once so I have no clue about their brunch offerings. I'd expect them to be good but can't vouch for them directly...

                  1. re: RonboNC

                    Ok. "Not certain" is pretty vague and can be interpreted many ways. In any event, Amelie's b'fast and lunch savory items are great!

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                  Is Amelie's the one that's always crowded? I think I found this one somewhere (yelp, tripadvisor, something) but people mentioned difficulty parking and long lines.

                  1. re: thessalian

                    I've never had difficulty parking and never experienced long lines.

                    1. re: thessalian

                      I've never had problems w/ parking either. They do a good amount of business but the line has always moved quickly when I've been there. In any case, it's a great place, locally-owned & the pastries are so good. :)