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Oct 16, 2012 08:51 AM

perfect and easy gluten-free vegan cupcake recipe?

Just like the title says! :) Plus it'd be great if it'll hold up for at least 24 hours as I can't bake on the day of my event - it's on a weekday night so I'm planning to bake the night before and bring them to work so I can go straight to my event and will ice them on location.

I'm pretty new to vegan baking but want to be able to offer my vegan friends a treat. Some of my friends are omnivores so I'd like all the treats to be tasty to minimize the amount of baking I need to do or the possibility of cross-contamination (especially with the gluten-free stuff). There's probably only going to be a dozen people at best and I'm already going to be making some snickerdoodles and a banana loaf. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Hi, maybe I can help. I'm new to gluten free baking, for vegan baking I suggest anything from these ladies vegan cupcakes take over the world pretty much covers the vegan cupcake in a good way - easy and perfect for learning vegan baking (may even have a GF one in there, I should check)...

    As for Gluten free Vegan I've only made a couple (ok one), they were fine the next day, my 4 year old said they were better than with gluten (he's a foodie's kid with his own food allergies, I know wierd thing for a kid to say) my daughter (13 years) didn't say better but just as good - to the point...

    ...deep breath of shame...

    Betty Crockers Gluten Free boxed cake mix ( much for scratch, but my kids are used to scratch baking and they loved it)...I used 3 TBS of Chia seeds, measure first and then grind in a coffee grinder or spice grinder - white chia seeds are great for a vanilla cake, but even the black ones won't be too bad, add to dry mix and blend adding also a tsp of baking powder, ad an extra half to 3/4 cup of water (I used half a cup more) follow the direction on the box subbing oil for butter (I used Organic Olive, a mellow flavored one, canola or other would work as well). You don't have to grind the chia seeds, they will work without grinding but it is a much better consistancy, as in no seeds stuck in peoples teeth, if you don't grind them up people will be picking chia off thier teeth for hours...
    No need to premix or gel or heat, just measure, grind mix and bake :) I stored them in the fridge but it may not be nessisary, I've only made them once, but they were very good.

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      Hi Ecobaker, thanks so much for the modified Betty Crocker recipe and links. Checking them all out right now!

      1. Chloe`s Kitchen the cookbook has vegan recipes for cupcakes.

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          Thanks, Ruthie789. I picked up a gluten-free flour mix that claims to be interchangeable with most basic baking recipes, so I might be able to mod the coconut one. Also reminds me that there's a couple of local vegan cookbooks I should look into. :)

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            which flour mix did you buy?

            i haven't used it myself, but i know several people who like this chocolate cupcake recipe from Gluten-Free Goddess:

        2. something else to consider is chocolate cake or pumpkin cake holds up better to overnight storage of gluten free cupcakes.than vanilla. adding a flavor to the batter that holds moisture keeps the GF soft and squishy.