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Oct 16, 2012 08:47 AM

Lobster Roll

Lately, all I can think about are delicious, butter, aioli filled lobster rolls. Visiting next week, anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. Just speaking for myself I do not think of New Orleans as a lobster town.

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    1. re: hazelhurst

      You're right. I probably should have said that I'm not expecting a Maine Lobster Roll or anything. I just know from my expirence in New Orleans that as wonderf as the sea food is, it has to be better than what I can get in Dallas.

      1. re: Jayme_VonCupcake

        Yes, our seafood is wonderful. But the lobster roll is a northeastern specialty. Why not have a fried oyster or shrimp poboy, or any of the zillion local seafood specialties? It's a bit like traveling to Des Moines and expecting to get a great fish taco.

        Incidentally, Cowbell on Oak St has excellent fish tacos.

        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          I will have plenty of the things the city is known for. I'm there several times a year and have no problem filling up on the things I can't get elsewhere. Not expecting New Orleans to be a lobster roll town, just figured there had to be a good one somewhere.

          1. re: Jayme_VonCupcake

            Adjust your craving somewhat and try the lobster dumplings at GW Fins...


          2. re: Hungry Celeste

            Chef Duke, from Cafe Giovanni made shrimp remoulade rolls for the seafood fest. Can't get any better than that.

          3. re: Jayme_VonCupcake

            Two weeks ago I had a great lobster roll at Sarah's by the bridge in Wiscasset ME. Warm and snug on a rainy cold day. Meanwhile, there was a line of tourists standing in the cold rain at Red's across the street.

            Reminded me of the Acme/Felix choice in New Orleans.

            1. re: collardman

              Lobster Roll at Neptune Oysters was the best thing we ate in Boston. I can’t think of anywhere in NOLA you can get anything like that.

              1. re: collardman

                Nice. in '11 I was on a sidecar rally to Red's. We got there 10 minutes after they opened and opted for Sarah's after seeing the line stretching around the block. Link to picture below, just so collardman can relive the buttery love.

                Anyway, with chix running $13/lb. in NOLA and $4 in NH, I'm not surprised that the places I see lobster anything on the menu here are all high end. My suspicion is that someone's doing a lobster roll but it's probably all tarted up with goat cheese and cilantro on homemade brioche. The thing to do might be to order in; if you're looking for a recommendation, Defiant Lobster is fabulous and ships:


          4. Drago's is supposed to have good live lobsters. During the Coolinary Menu we went to The Bombay Club on a Thursday and had the lobster dinner for $25. That was the best lobster I have ever had, including the ones when I was stationed in CT.

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            1. re: ilikeNOLA

              Not a lobster roll, but El Gato Negro had a pretty good lobster taco.

              81 French Market Place


              1. re: MariaFeliz

                I join the chorus of my fellow N.O. 'Hounders. Just had my lobster roll fix in Boston, no reason to try to have one here, apples and oranges. Dive into our myriad takes on oysters, shrimp and crab, dear visitor.

            2. yeah hate to say it but ive also never seen a lobster roll in town.

              but...good lobster dishes can be had. as mentioned the lobster dumplings at GW's are good, but the "New Orleans Barbeque Lobster" at MiLa is absolutely excellent. giant buttery lobster goodness on toasted baguette....thats kind of like a lobster roll!

              their sweetbreads app is also one of my favorites anywhere.


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              1. re: kibbles

                I had the barbecued lobster last time I was in town, I agree it is amazing!