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Nine Days in Paris

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Well, I hope I'm not committing a huge faux-pas here on Chowhound - my trip report is mainly going to consist of links to own my personal blog. But here's the short version...

Chez Jenny - Hearty and tasty choucroute a mere stone's throw from my apartment. Easy and satisfying after 18 hours of travel...

Le Galopin - Extraordinary food by any measure... Creative, delicious, complex, beautiful. All the more so with a breathtakingly reasonable price.

Terroir Parisien - Quality ingredients, simple preparation, open on Sunday. Dessert was a miss...

Le Severo - Excellent steak, disappointing frites

La Bourse ou La Vie - Steak was good enough, frites better than last night. The convivial owner makes this plate a treat. But no need to cross town for it.

Bistrot Victoires (lunch) - Several slices of bread topped with potato, lardons and cheese then put under the fire. Superb on a blustery day and not too far from Louvre.

Chez Dumonet Josephine - Worth every penny for amazing boeuf bourguignon in a postcard French setting (save for all the Americans...)

Restaurant Pierre-Sang - Sensational food at a tiny and rather boisterous place. Fun, delicious, great wine pairings and another shockingly low price for a 6-course menu.

L'Office - My favorite steak of my visit. Casual but with lovely and modern dishes.

Café des Musées - Old fashioned place in the Marais serving tasty and traditional dishes. Pork was great.

If you're inclined to read more, here are links to my more detailed reviews, along with photos.

Le Galopin

Chez Dumonet Josephine

Restaurant Pierre-Sang


And some less detailed posts (though still with some photos) that also include lots of blather about all of my tourist activities - you've been warned...

Chez Jenny

Terroir Parisien, Le Severo

La Vie ou La Bourse, Bistrot Victoires

Café des Musées

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  1. Delightful report and blog. Bravo!

    1. Thanks for such a detailed report, blog really helps.

      1. Thanks, this was great!