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Oct 16, 2012 07:41 AM

Group dinner near Fountainebleu Hotel

Hello Miami 'Hounds! I'll be in your fair city next week, and I'm in charge of planning dinner on Thursday night. Our needs:

--First and foremost, delicious food.
--A group of 8 can have a conversation without shouting
--Near the Fontainebleu Hotel, cab is fine
--Would love to have local flavor
--Cost not a huge issue

I'd appreciate any ideas you'd care to share. Many many thanks!

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  1. 1500 degrees
    Scarpetta may be too loud though - see if they can accommodate you

    1. Hakkasan is a great call. The Bazaar isn't too bad of a cab ride either. Same with The Dutch. Indomania also very good and perfect for what youre looking for.

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        These are good recs. I kept mine in walking distance. Too bad florida cookery is not open. That would probably be perfect (because it has local flavor requirement).