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Oct 16, 2012 07:38 AM

Favorite AC Restaurant

I am in the middle of a month long celebration of my wife's 50th birthday, that will culminate with a weekend in AC. What I need from u fine people is your favorite restaurant and reasons why u like it. We enjoy all types of food and price is not an issue. Thanks in advance for yours thoughts.

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  1. Hands down American Cut. Please see my report in this thread.

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    1. I've hardly tried all the places, and so many of my favorites are gone. But from my experiences..

      Buffet - Borgata. Best quality and selection. Breakfast, lunch or dinner.

      Steakhouse - My experience is limited to The Reserve at Bally's. Recommended.

      24 hour cafe - The Metropolitan at the Borgata. Every casino has one. This one has by far the best food.

      1. If you like Spanish tapas, Amada at Revel is fantastic. Excellent food, cocktails and service. Plus ocean views if you have a table along the windows. The Revel itself s also a great place. I wont say anywhere else in AC now that I'vs stayed there. Such a wonderful resort.

        1. I'm sorry, but my favorite restaurant in AC is Tony Luke's in the downstairs food court at the Borgata. Their roast pork italian sandwich is the one from Dinic's that was voted best sandwich in America. But, not quite the special atmosphere...

          Any steakhouse at any casino is a good meal, with a slight nod going to the one at Revel and Borgata.

          Very nice seafood can be had nearby, but not in AC.

          1. Knife and Fork south part of town not in any casino stand alone restaurant throw back to the old Atlantic City days. Try it you won't be disappointed.

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              We were there last month. Good solid meal and service. Very old school but refreshing after casino-style dining.

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                Agree on the Knife and Fork, had a great meal there last year and I can't wait to get back.

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                  Bobby Flay' Steak in the Borgata, Knife and fork and Chef Vola are among my favorites.

                  I can't recommend any of the high end places at the Revel, as I didn't eat at any. That being said, the rooms, the service and the spa at the Revel were very nice. Treat your wife to a spa day and after she has been pampered, try one of the recommendations above.