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Meaty dessert ideas needed

My friend makes a yearly meat-fest. A meal where every single dish contains meat or poultry of some sort. I have foolishly volenteered to make the dessert, but have since realised how difficult the challenge is.
My friend is lactose intolerant and there will be a few non pig-eaters a the meal, so a bacon-caramel icecream is out. Also, last year I made mince pies (yummy dried fruit/goo filled Christmas-time goodies in Britain, which are normally meat-free) with actual minced meat in them. They were delicious but most of my American friends wouldn't et them.
Can anyone help me?

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  1. I have made this Beef Brownies recipe for a niece who loves brownies with walnuts, but is now allergic to nuts: This is kosher Non-Dairy

    2 cups Granulated Sugar

    1 ½ cups all purpose flour

    1/3 cup cocoa powder

    1 teaspoon salt

    1 cup pareve margarine (unsalted sticks)(Brands such as Mother's or Miller's)

    4 large eggs (room temp)

    2 teaspoons vanilla extract (not imitation)

    ½ cup cooked ground lean beef, broken up in very small pieces (well drained and cooled to room temp)


    1. Mix (use a a hand pastry cutter to cream if you have one), sugar, vanilla, cocoa and margarine

    2. Add eggs, one at a time, mixing slightly

    3. Mix well adding in flour and salt

    4. Fold in the ground beef

    5. Place in 10x15 greased and floured baking pan

    6. Bake in a preheated 375 degree F oven for 25 minutes (don’t overbake)

    This does NOT work well with other ground meats, it needs the boldness of the beef to substitute for walnuts

    1. How about a pie crust based partly/totally on rendered fat? I've heard very good things about duck fat and beef suet, like here: http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage...

      1. There is a Turkish dessert called tavuk gögsü that is made of chicken breast, cinnamon, milk and sugar bound with a thickener such as rice. While it might sound foreign now, a similar pudding, blancmange, was once a very popular European dessert for the upper classes during the Middle Ages. Looking up recipes for blancmange utilizing chicken and almond milk will give you a dairy-free option.

        1. I don't have the book, but it is called "Pure Vanilla", by S. Sever. There is a recipe in the book called
          Candied Vanilla Brown Sugar & Black Pepper Bacon -- beef or turkey bacon, maybe?
          And some sweet-sour meatballs are almost dessert without even trying.

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            I was thinking something bacony with turkey or lamb bacon. I had an amazing bar cookie sort of thing at a Bacon and Beer festival. It was a bit savory and a bit sweet and all awesome. Can't find any recipe that looks like it though.

            1. What about individual, well sugared, basteeya? (sorry, don't have a link for you). Alternatively, work some minced or ground chicken into baklava.

              1. Some form of tiny/individual chicken-n-waffles, with a side of some non-dairy whipped cream(-like-substance)? Peaches; powdered sugar; fruited syrup?

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                1. If you are baking for a large crowd, why not an apple-cranberry fruit crisp and you can bring along a nice container of good quality ice cream to top for those who do like cream.

                  1. Would nut-meat be acceptable? If so baklava would work. :)

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                      You might be on to something, as there is this bacon baklava recipe, which could be made with a non-pork bacon: http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/ba...

                      A CH poster made this and posted about it here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8567...

                    2. Traditional mince meat pie is made with -- minced meat. There's a great Craig Claiborn recipe that you can probably find online.

                      1. Thanks for all of your ideas. The meat baklava particularly appealed to me. Sadly my hostess has foolishly invited vegitarians to the meal this year , so she is making a meat-free dessert. I will be bringing the bread; one loaf with pastrami braided into it, and one without.

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                          in light of that, why not make a dessert with tofu in it? tofu chocolate mousse? or tofu chocolate mousse pie? or tofu cheesecake?

                          or do your vegetarian bread with tofu to replace the meat...

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                            LOL. That is seriously hysterical, hatabachit. Who invites veggies to a meat party? What veggies want to go to that party?

                            Don't tell any of them about Chowhound. All we need is a disgruntled attendee coming here to bitch about how there was nothing to eat. :)