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Oct 15, 2012 11:58 PM

$20 San Diego/SoCal food parcel

I took part in a regional food exchange. The limit is $20 worth of items, and won't require a lot of additional cost to ship. I was paired with someone in Norfolk Virginia.

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  1. Since SD's best consumable products are beer and uni and you may not want to ship those, perhaps Ballast Point's Bloody Mary mix or Stone's sauces/mustard?

    1. I've gifted Chuao hot chocolate to out-of-town friends, and it's been well-received. I love the Spicy Maya and generally go for that, but some of the other flavors look good, too.

      1. Jar of Chrystal's Raw Honey . 12 or more different honeys to choose from including Strawberry, Avocado, Sage, various citruses. These are not flavored-added. The bees are exposed to those distinct pollens. Dale and Chrystal are at 3 area farmer's markets. They also sell little taste sticks of all flavors. Amazing San Diego county product.

        You can read more here:

        1. + 1 on Chuao. The Firecracker bar is fun and something different. I took an assortment of bars to some chocolate addict friends in Chicago and they loved them. I believe Chuao has some new flavors launching for its 10th anniversary this fall, but not sure when that is.

          I'll also suggest Jackie's Jams. Tasty stuff.

          1. Thanks everyone,

            RE: Chauo, perhaps I'm the minority but I don't really see them as special to SoCal...while I'm sure the chocolates are quality, you can find them in Walmarts nationwide. I'd much sooner go with Eclipse.

            The mention of stones mustard made me remember the SoNo mustard company. They're SD locals and I've really enjoyed their stuff.

            Honey is a good call, and I would do the Jams but she specifically asked for no jelly/jam

            Keep them coming!

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              San Diego avocado honey was a revelation to me, so I agree that would be a great item to include. I've had it from several producers, and when it's on, it's on: rich and dark with a deep caramel flavor. A buckwheat/avocado blend was another fave. Ask for a taste at your farmers' market and see if you think it's good enough to gift.

              1. re: maestra

                i've liked what I've had from Mikolich Honey, I could definitely include a few of there small bear sizes.