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Oct 15, 2012 11:36 PM

Does anyone know what happened to Kumai Sushi? [Mississauga]

My boyfriend and I tried to go there for dinner last night and the place was completely empty with for lease signs up!

I know it was always quiet when I went, but I'll still be very sad if they went out of business. I'm kind of hoping they just retired. And I'm secretly optimistic that maybe they just moved. They were my go-to place when I wanted something delicious!

I guess I'm also looking for a new sushi/Japanese place though if anyone has any suggestions :( We're willing to drive out as far as Burlington to the west or Etobicoke to the east.

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  1. I was sad to see them go as I liked the hostess (wife of the chef) and she always remembered me. They weren't the best value but they had the most selection and highest quality in the GTA West (King Salmon, Portueguese mackeral, Blue fin toro...).

    Though it's not the same selection, I really do like Sushi House in Brampton on Queen St. It's owned by a lovely Korean family and the hospitality is the same as Kumai but better and quicker service overall. It is also really good value and tasty morsels of sashimi.

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    1. re: Nevy

      Yeah, the first time my boyfriend and I returned, she even remembered what we had eaten! I was always so impressed with her memory.

      I'll try to check out Sushi House, but they're a bit too far north for us unfortunately.

    2. Give Hinote a try, it's one of my favourite places. The quality of the fish is top notch.

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      1. re: 13inches

        I have only been once to Hinote but wasn't that impressed Definitely not Kumai quality. I think some of the fish at Kumo at Kipling/Gardiner Expwy might compare but have to try more of it first to say for sure.

        1. re: Food Tourist

          Oddly enough, I only went to Kumai once and wasn't impressed.

          But at least Hinote is still around for me to enjoy.

          1. re: Food Tourist

            Kumo is very average fish. Tried the sashimi platter tonight. Salmon was off-putting.

          2. re: 13inches

            Hinote never played in the same league as Kumai. Surprised the place is still afloat.

            1. re: Kagemusha

              Are there ANY decent Japanese or sushi places in Mississauga or Brampton now?

     Is Sushi in Sushi as good as the online reviews say?
              How about Dai Ichi on Winston Churchill?

          3. I went to Mifune in J-Town (404/Steeles) a few months ago and saw that it had the same staff and equipment as Kumai. The new place has similar meal offerings as before, not sure if the price increased.

            As for suggestions, there's always Kaji :)

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            1. re: nogoro

              Oh, that sounds really promising! I'll make sure to go over there to check it out. It's too back J-Town is so far out of the way for me.

              I'd love to go to Kaji one day, but at their price point, they're more of a "plan months in advance" type of place! ;)

              1. re: nogoro

                Oh, with the bumping of the thread, I thought I would report back on Mifune!

                They are, in fact, the same couple that ran Kumai. :) The prices have increased slightly... The Omakase is now just over $40. The space is a lot bigger than Kumai, and they've hired two other servers, and it seems like there's a younger guy training under the chef.

                Quality is still there, and they're actually faster now with the added help! Although we showed up early one night (~6PM), we were in and out within 45 minutes, when normally it would be an hour plus affair (not that we ever complained about that!). They're also much busier at nights. I was speaking with the wife and apparently while the old location was typically a lunch crowd due to the nearby businesses, the new location is predominantly dinner.

                So thank you, nogoro, for letting me know they moved! I'm excited to return to them (already been twice since!), though I'm sad they're now a 30-45 minute drive away.

                1. re: blurion

                  Glad they are still alive and kicking in the GTA. She has an amazing memory so I'm looking forward to her remembering my preferences if and when I get back up to J-town.

                  1. re: Food Tourist

                    Indeed best memory of any server I've dealt with.

                    1. re: Apprentice

                      I third this comment.

                      Though the service can be slow at Kumai, she made it bearable. She was always pleasant, warm, and had phenomenal memory. We went there off and on for nearly 3 years.... each time, she knew what we liked.

                      1. re: Nevy

                        She is amazing, she even had a couple of placemats with our kids names on them. I'm excited they're back in biz.