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Oct 15, 2012 08:41 PM

Sushi dinner in SD proper tomorrow

2 Couples going out for sushi without the kids tomorrow night. Cannot make it up to Kaito so was considering either Akinori, Tadokoro or Hane.

Prefer a quieter/more sedate atmosphere and am not considering ease of parking. We rarely get to see each other, so we may not want to divert our attention away from conversation enough to participate in an Omakase meal but feel free to recommend Omakase as we will file it away for future reference.

Any comments on price, variety of ingredients available, recommended items, etc. welcome. Likely to stick entirely to cooked food/nigiri/sashimi vs. rolls but not averse to well made rolls. Great Uni a major plus.


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  1. I haven't visited Tadokoro or Hane yet, but I have been to Akinori and Kaito.

    I would say go to Akinori, and get the $60 Omakase, it's more of a kaiseki type meal, you'll get a variety of cooked dishes along with sushi and sashimi

    see my and more importantly gastrobits reviews here

    uni was some of the best I've had, including Kaito, and Aki will only serve it if it's up to pass. On my most recent visit as an entire tray didn't meet Aki's standards for serving.

    The atmosphere is laid back, Aki does take care of most of the bar, so the pacing can be rather relaxed at times. You could likely sit away from the bar and have the meal delivered to your table with even less distraction - just let the Chef know about your likes and dislikes ahead of time.

    selection is hard to beat, the $60 omakase is a steal.

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      Thanks for the recommendation! I wound up having the $32 sashimi omakase plate which had lobster, aji, albacore, uni, halibut (I think), octopus, something described as kama, (couldn't hear which fish) and an unnamed fish belly - probably the bluefin listed on the special board.

      What a great plate of food! I am generally not a huge fan of octopus sushi, but there was one huge round piece that had an amazing flavor without too much of the hard texture I don't care fore and two smaller pieces with some ume on them that were amazing. All of the fish was outstanding, and I would love to return and do the full Omakase when I can sit at the bar and really participate. I definitely appreciated getting the aji bones as well.

      The tapas part of the menu was very fun and my SIL had the soba pesto which we all loved and we shared some of the twice cooked eggplant which drew raves. The agedashi tofu was very well prepared, too.

      Overall, a great place for a meal, would definitely recommend it. I also appreciated that they had a nice selection of beer, including Asahi Black and a Japanese craft beer that I had never heard of but was very good.

      1. re: JRSD

        I love japanese beer but it's so difficult to find real Japanese beer anymore? Was the beer Hitachino, Koshihikari Echigo, or perhaps Ginga Kogen?

        1. re: RhonelyInsanediego

          It was definitely not Hitachino as I am familiar with their beer. I looked up the other two and it doesn't seem like either of those. It was not a pilsner or wit/weiss style but may have been a mild lager. I believe it was labeled as an all-malt beer.

        2. re: JRSD

          glad to hear you had such a great time! I need to return for the Omakase myself, can't wait!

          1. re: JRSD

            The kama is the collar of the bluefin, which is also considered toro.

            Both Kaz and Akinori consider the kama toro to be the best toro because it has the best balance of flavor to texture based on the ratio of protein to fat.

            1. re: karaethon

              That makes sense and it was delicious.

              1. re: karaethon

                I always think kama-toro is to o-toro as guanciale pork /cheek is to bacon/pork belly

                From what I recall of my discussion with Kaz, he prefers Chu-toro to O-toro due to the amounts of fat. From what I know of Kama and O, they are both very fatty, but the flavor difference comes from the area near the neck of the tuna getting more blood flow than the belly.