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Squab (butcher) in Boston metro area?

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I love squab. Loves it. Does anyone know where I could order butchered squab in the area? I'm willing to drive a bit for it.

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  1. I know the live bird places in China town have it, as I think Mayflower in Cambridge.

    Try the amazing cooked version at Best Little Restaurant in Chinatown, amazingly good.

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      Game (birds or not) at Mayflower is generally only frozen, but they do carry frozen squab. There have been a few minor changes to the list below, but not enough to post a full update.


    2. Savenors on Charles Street woul also have squab, probably pre-packaged however.

      1. i've only ever seen it frozen, but in every asian market in which i shop.

        1. Ming's Market in the South End usually has frozen squab.

          1. Barbara Lynch's Butcher Shop might have it but it would be $25 a pound.