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Oct 15, 2012 07:44 PM

Banquet Pot Pie VS. Willow Tree Pot Pie

So, because I am a glutton for punishment, I decided to try to eat 2 pot pies tonight and also decided to use that opportunity to compare the two cheapest CPP in my local Hannafords.

Let me just start by saying, do not attempt this at home, my stomach feels like I ate pure lard and I may need to sleep this off.

I will follow that up by saying, I am not entirely sure Banquet PP is actually made with real ingredients. I upended the pie on my plate and was a bit revolted by the muddy brown watery looking stuff that passed as gravy oozing out over my plate. The sponge like pieces of dark meat I assume were chicken, and the anemic looking orange flecks were apparently carrots. However, holy lord does it make me not a real foodie to admit I LIKED the overly salty artificial taste? It was disgusting, but disgusting in the same way that Keeping up with the Kardashians is horrible TV. Its so bad yet something makes you enjoy it with a sort of sinful glee.

Now onto the Willow Tree PP. I have much less to say about this, as this pie was well....much less. I got the "classic" which I guess means no vegetables. So upon slicing it open I found it packed with huge (and I mean HUGE) pieces of real looking white chicken meat and gravy. Nothing else. After it cooled I dived in and found it tasted less like a pot pie and more like my moms roast chicken and gravy with a side of biscuit. Not what I was expecting or looking for, but the meat was fresh and tender and the pastry was very flaky and good.

I am interested to hear other peoples opinions on these two pies, and wondered if anyone had a suggestion for a equally inexpensive pie as the Banquet that hopefully won't send me into a MSG induced coma.

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  1. Wow! A pot pie horizontal! You might as well throw Harrows in the mix. IIRC you can get willows with veg or without. I definitely prefer my chicken to resemble chicken so willow gets the nod in this taste test.

    But hounds! There must be some good pot pies out there to shame these two?? (Guilty pleasure fully understood Jeza!)

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      New England Soup Factory makes a version, not strictly traditional (more biscuit) but very good. Tafts Farm in Great Barrington carries an excellent frozen brand which I'm racking my brain to remember that has quite good vegetables as well as real chicken - I'll have to check next time I'm up there.

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        I think my pot pie days were over when I realized that the Pepperidge Farm pot pies I loved were not 500 calories for the whole pie, but per SERVING, and that one pie was 2 servings!

      2. The original comment has been removed