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Oct 15, 2012 07:09 PM

Thoughts on GABF

Andy Crouch has some good comments on ways to improve the Great American Beer Festival.

I haven't attended since the days at Currigan, which is over a decade ago, so I can't speak to what's going on today, but I still recognize some of the issues Andy mentions.

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  1. The only issue I had with the GABF when I attended almost 10 years ago was the pour size. 1 oz. just doesn't give enough liquid to get to know a beer and within an hour my palate was shot due to so many samples of different beers. It is amazing to see the size and number of breweries under one roof, but I don't think I would attend again just because of the sample size - and $65 is a bit much for standing in line for an oz. at a time.

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      I believe the 1oz pour is a legal requirement.

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        I know in MA you can offer unlimited pours of 2 oz. or less at fest. Anything more and there has to be "payment" exchanged for each pour - usually in the form of a set # of tickets given for the admission price which are surrendered for each pour.

        Not sure of the laws in CO - but I know bigger pours would not be popular with beer geek tickers who want to sample as many different beers as they can, nor would a set # of samples be popular with the get as drunk as possible for my $65 crowd.

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          i've been around the block enough times that I would be pleased to try a few larger pours, find something I like and stick with it.

    2. So has Andy posted his 10th point yet?

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        It should be: Why do I continue to go year after year if all I do is complain about it afterwards?