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Oct 15, 2012 06:11 PM

nh/boston diners (on a budget) hit up the bay area

hello SF! my partner and i are heading to the bay area for New Year's (San Franciso and Napa Valley) and are looking for recommendations for our trip....

we're on a budget, and we love finding the best dives and small ethnic eateries.....but we're going to splurg on a few nice meals in SF and Napa (not French Laundry splurge- but maybe Chez Panisse)?

Any and all suggestions (especially for a few good wineries to try out as well) are welcome!

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I think you will get better help if you first spend some time reading older posts and then develop a list of some options you are considering.

    1. In addition to what escargot3 suggested, if would help if you were more specific.
      When you say "budget" what do you mean?
      When you say "ethnic eateries" what do you mean (what kinds of foods are you looking for that you don't have at home, or that you've had in your travels and would like to have again)?
      Do you drink wine? Cocktails?
      Do you want something new and different, or something more classic Northern California?
      Do you want to eat all of your meals in restaurants, or do you want bakeries, delis, markets with prepared foods, etc.

      There are something like 4,000 restaurants in San Francisco alone. Saying "everything" is not going to help narrow things down!