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Oct 15, 2012 05:37 PM

Old Town Alexandria - what would you choose?

Brabo, Majestic, or Vermillion. great fish is desirable. I have not been to any of them. Feel free to make another suggestion. TIA

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  1. Vermillion is a bit nicer, but I think the fish is better at Majestic - Can't speak on Brabo. Have you considered Restaurant Eve?

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      I have been there and want to try something new.

    2. I like Brabo a great deal but did not have fish there (had a fabulous chicken and potatoes dish). Majestic is nice and currently advertises catfish and whole roasted fish, neither of which I have had. I have had their Chesapeake stew but found it very salty, could have been an off night.

      An unusual suggestion for fish is Fontaine Caffe, a creperie. They have, however, the most amazing roasted whole trout with lemon and thyme. Delicious. It is served with a spinach and tomato salad. Call ahead tho as it is not always on the menu.

      1. I had fish once at Vermillion and it was gross. It was about a year ago so the menu has probably changed, but it was something served fish stick-style. I've had a delicious rockfish at Brabo and a really nice fish stew at Majestic.

        1. Hank's Oyster Bar has fish galore (Can't believe I did not think of that in my first comment....) and fabulous oysters of course!

          1. Have not had the fish at Brabo, but I've had several different styles at Majestic (whole roasted, fried, grilled) and they've all been excellent. The fish I had at Vermillion was a little too precious; they were trying for some kind of sushi-esque dish with a heavy sauce and it just didn't work for me. Have not been impressed with the fish offerings at Hank's.