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Oct 15, 2012 05:34 PM

Wor Sue Gai in Los Angeles?

I'm a transplanted southerner and am craving this totally Americanized "Chinese" dish I had growing up. It's known as "Hong Kong Chicken" or Wor Sue Gai... basically it's breaded fried chicken covered in gravy and so so good.

Anyone ever hear of this being served in Los Angeles?

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  1. What type of gravy? Is the chicken cut up in small pieces, or is it a large piece like you get at KFC?

    1. Never heard of it here. Maybe at one time in SF Chinatown. Also it does sound a quite a bit like Springfield cashew chicken, which is definitely not available here.

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        Yes... it seems to be a lot like that. Probably a southern/mid-west thing? Everyone in the Northern KY/Greater Cincy area where I grew up adored this stuff. But I've never seen it in other places I've lived like NYC, San Fran or LA.

        1. re: Stephanie_Lynn

          I think the Louisville, KY spelling can be WAR SU GAI or WAR SUE GAI. On a bilingual menu the characters are 窩燒雞 and is described as Almond Boneless Chicken or Almond Fried Chicken or Deep Fried Chicken on Lettuce with gravy, etc. And deep-fried it is, hence it's popularity in the south & mid-west, it is always chicken breast (it's healthier!). From what I remember, it's sort of a chicken katsu with a totally different sauce and served on a bed of lettuce instead of cabbage. The sauce is chicken stock based with soy sauce and thickened with cornstarch (what else?). Some people prefer the sauce/gravy on the side to dip in to, keeps the chicken crispy.

          I've never seen this dish here in California. Maybe you can find a take-out place and order a chicken katsu platter (hold the sauce) and experiment with your own wor sue gai sauce at home.

      2. I was racking my brain for where I had a dish that was somewhat similar (discounting chicken katsu w/gravy that some of the Hawaiian BBQ places serve), and I finally realized where it was, though probably not similar enough to substitute for what you're looking for.

        It's Chin Chin's lemon chicken (, which is described thusly on their website: "Crispy chicken breast marinated in garlic and ginger, served with a tart lemon sauce on the side. Crispy chicken breast marinated in garlic."

        Like I said, probably not similar enough to what you're looking for, but it was apparently what I thought of when I read the description.

        1. Have you heard of David R. Chan? I think I read that he was just flown to somewhere near St. Louis, MO to try this rare Chinese dish.
          There is none around here.