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Oct 15, 2012 05:16 PM

Casual restaurant for group of old college friends

Looking for a casual place where 6 or 8 college friends (in 40/50 age range) can get together and eat/drink and hang out without pressure to leave too soon. Open to location - West Side, Chelsea, Hells Kitchen, Soho, Tribeca, West Village. Bar type environment is fine - with good food. It's for this Friday night.

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  1. What's your budget? Also, if you need reservations, you might want to check on what's still available on Open Table.

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    1. re: Pan

      Some are cost conscious so I would say under $20/entree + whatever drinks cost.....

      1. re: foodlover6

        Keep in mind that with that large a group, many places will confine you to a prix fixe menu, so call and check with the reservationist about that. That said, check into Inoteca in the Lower East Side, although if you want to stay on the West Side, that won't work for you. I'd like to suggest Txikito, but I think it may be too expensive for your crowd. Check the menu, but keep in mind that tapas are much smaller than main dish portions. Another possibility is Crispo, but you may have trouble getting reservations for Friday.

        1. re: foodlover6

          Maybe the bar at a nice restaurant, if some people don't mind standing? Gramercy Tavern? Perilla? North End Grill?

        1. Thanks for all the suggestions.. Not sure Inoteca's location will work but I want to try it another day. Checking on other menus as well....many thanks!