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Oct 15, 2012 04:33 PM

Critique my Vancouver visit schedule


I will be visiting Vancouver for the first time shortly. Here are my dining plans. Welcome any comments from the hounds.

Day 1 Arrive
        Flying in so thought I would go to Richmond for lunch on the way to town
        Lunch:  Kirin or Chen’s Shanghai in Richmond
        Dinner:  campagnolo - or campagnolo roma or L'Abattoir

Day 2 
        Lunch - Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant or Dynasty
        Dinner - Blue Water Cafe

Day 3
        Lunch. The Oakwood

        Dinner:  Hawksworth

Day 4
         Lunch: Yew

Thanks and welcome your thoughts

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  1. I'll let the Richmond/Asian experts weigh in on that front but how many are you? As always Chinese restaurants are more interesting with at least 3 although you can make do ordering fewer dishes since take home is of little interest for you I'd imagine.

    For dinner choices: Although I like Campagnolo I'd go for L'Abattoir in Gastown. There are also some great places for cocktails in the immediate area as well either before or after (The Diamond etc.).

    Lunch at Oakwood -what experience are you looking for? I'd rate it as a nice neighbourhood resto at best and if I was coming all this way it would not be on my list. In the same area is La Quercia's little lunch spot called La Ghianda which serves good Italian comfort food in a simple setting (but coming from England you probably have had much better so I'd look to Gastown again or even Campagnolo Roma for a nice lunch).

    1. Solid choices. I personally prefers Dynasty over SSW, but others' opinion may differ.
      Sea Harbour in Richmond at BridgePort is a convenient stop on the way from the airport, and in my opinion is as good as Kirin. Either way you can't go wrong with both choices.

      1. Chen's is under new ownership. The original crew is now at Shanghai Morning. I would choose Dynasty over SSW.

        1. Good dinner choices. Try and get in at La Quercia - definitely recommend it over Campagnolo. L'Abbatoir, Blue Water and Hawksworth are all great but French is the focus so you might try for the aformentioned La Quercia or even Vij's if you like Indian cuisine.

          1. I had a very mediocre meal at Chen's last week, not knowing that the ownership had changed. Fmed, tell us all where we might find the Shanghai Morning.

            And although my wife and I had some very good dim sum at Sun Sui Wah in August, the dim sum I had there last week was truly awful. Maybe the dim sum chef was off for the day. One more option to consider is Ho Yuen Kee. Nothing better, in my judgment, by way of Hong Kong cafe fare.

            As to other food varietals, I would pass Campagnolo -- the food, which is pretty good -- doesn't make up for the still marginal neighborhood. La Quercia is much better, but you will need to reserve as far in advance as possible. Or try the new Wildebeest. I had a very good first meal there last Thursday night. And then there is La Brasserie on Davie, where you cannot go wrong in terms of French/Alsatian bistro food.

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            1. re: Peter Rodgers

              Shanghai Morning is here:

              I've eaten there twice now and IMO it is not as good as the old Chen's though there are some of the old faces. I haven't tried the new Chen's so can't comment on that.

              SSW on Main has not been good for me since they stopped doing carts. Right now my favourite dim sum on the west side is Kirin on Cambie and 12th, with Dynasty a close second.

              Board regulars will know that I love La Buca. If the OP is coming before the end of October, they have a pretty cool seasonal menu featuring mushrooms and game:

              We've got a big birthday celebration coming up so hoping to do the special menu alla famiglia but it is also available in 3 and 4 course set menus or a la carte.

              For the OP, La Buca is no more difficult to get to than Oakwood on your list -- one bus (the 2 or the 22 on Burrard drop you in front of it) or a 12 minute cab ride from downtown. I think it's actually quicker to get to than La Quercia, and certainly an easier reservation.

              1. re: grayelf

                The "dumpling lady" is now at Shanghai Morning along with most of the cooking staff. The dumplings are still good, but the rest of the menu is spotty ( just like the Chen's of old).

                1. re: fmed

                  We tried ordering some of the items from the "old" Chen's menu both times and nothing really stood out, though it wasn't terrible. XLBs were okay.