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Oct 15, 2012 04:29 PM

Presto Cafe healthy and delicious

Just got back from Vegas and checked out the new cafe near my parent’s house. They only have been open for ten days and I was surprised at how clean and cheerful the cafe was. The staff was friendly and the food was pretty good, especially considering they just opened the place. They have sandwiches, healthy salads, pides, smoothies and great juice blends among other things. They use different artisanal bread for each sandwich. I have never seen such a variety of delicious bread any where for sandwiches before.
We tried the following:
Greek pide- my husband had this and loved it. It had feta, mozzarella, roasted pepper and tomatoes. It was a big portion and perfect for hungry people like my husband.
Veggie sandwich- I had this one and it was pretty good. It had eggplant, roasted pepper, goat cheese, olive tapenade, greens and tomatoes on a Kalamata olive bread. I loved the bread so much and I usually try to eat low carb.
Ruben sandwich- Another winner sandwich with delicious rasin rye bread, gruyere, cabbage and of course corned beef.
Meatballs-It comes in a slider version with tasty pesto, fontina cheese and marinara sauce.

We also tried a bunch of their salads and loved the following:
Curry cauliflower with raisin and almonds
Strawberry with arugula, apples and blue cheese (My favorite)
Israeli couscous with mushrooms, parmesan and lemon truffle dressing
Black beans, corn, avocados and tomatoes
Quinoa with snow peas, date, pepper and prosciutto
Tandoori chicken with coconut, papaya and mango

We also tried their berry smoothie and veggie delite. Their smoothies are only fruits and a little ice, no filler or suger. Their espresso and cappuccino was pretty good also. They also have a pretty good pain au chocolat and plain croissant in the morning. They serve Shangri La tea. I usually drink Marriage Ferrer or mighty leaf, but I really enjoyed this brand also.
Overall a nice, clean cafe that provides great healthy food with friendly service near my parent’s neighborhood. I wish we had a cafe like this in my neighborhood.

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  1. Presto Cafe is new to me, so thanks for the report about a new option for a casual lunch. I'm assuming this is the place you are referring to: If so, the address is: 4950 South Rainbow, in Green Valley.

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      It's in Spring Valley. Green Valley is in Henderson.

      1. re: Dave Feldman

        Yes Dave, check it out. I have to balance my Payard visits with healthy eating at Presto cafe!!

      2. Well we had more great food at Presto cafe and my new favorite is the ham and cheese please. The first time I had this, I asked them to go light on the Funyuns and the second time I skipped the Funyuns. I guess the sweetness of the blueberries with the saltiness of the ham, cheese and Funyuns is a great combination. The chili mayo is a nice touch also. Pides are always great and their strawberry salad and the black beans salad are my favorites. We also love their beans and noodle soup called Aush and for under $6 for a big bowl, that is a steal. Their green goodness and berry good 4 U smoothies are very delicious and refreshing. Now back home in CA, I wish we had a presto cafe near us every day!!