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Oct 15, 2012 03:34 PM

La Troje de Ala, Zirahúen, Michoacán

There have been mentions of various restaurants around beautiful Lago Zirahúen, not far to the west of Pátzcuaro. I recall reading about La Troje de Ala many years ago in a "Mexico on $35 a Day"

A friend says it's relatively expensive by local standards. I'm wondering if it's worth a visit.

So far, the most detailed description I've found by Googling is here: http://tinyurl.com/TdeAla


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  1. If I were near Zirahuén, I'd keep on going to Ziracuaretiro.


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      We've dined many times at Ziracuaretiro, both at La Mesa de Blanca and their separate breakfast restaurant, El Gorgeo de Las Aves en Las Mañanas de Abril (the name may be longer than the menu.) Both are very nice, but friends are asking about restaurants at Zirahúen.

      The only Zirahúen restaurant experience we've had was a few years ago, at a rustic restaurant on the muelle near Zirahúen village, where we ate a watery Sopa de Charales and were plagued by swarms of bees. That didn't leave a good impression.