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Dried Pasta, Off Aroma

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A couple of years ago I contributed my experiences in a discussion of off-smelling pasta from Trader Joes. After a couple of experiences, I just won't use it (although I haven't checked it in quite a while). This week I got Ronzoni spaghetti--I have always considered this to be extremely reliable and totally good enough for my needs. I made a vongole dish and found that the pasta had exactly the same problem as the old TJ stuff--a floral aroma. As if it had been packed in a plastic bag with an herbal tea like camomile. It pretty much ruined the dish. The aroma was easily as strong as the garlic/clam essence and it couldn't have been more wrong.
Does anyone have similar experiences and does anyone have any idea wtf this is about? I will write Ronzoni but I'm not interested in coupons. I just want decent, reliable pasta

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