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Oct 15, 2012 02:12 PM

ISO a good restaurant in the Peachtree City/Newnan for Thanksgiving

My mother-in-law and I are going to be doing Thanksgiving alone this year. Instead of cooking all day for huge dinner that we will have years of leftovers to pick from, I thought of taking her out. Does anyone have any suggestions for a PTC or Newnan (or nearby) restaurant that will offer a good Thanksgiving menu or buffet? (No offense, but we would like to avoid the Golden Corral type of restaurants.)

Many thanks for any suggestions!!

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  1. Check out Serenbe and see what they are offering that day.

    1. I'd see if City Cafe in Fayetteville is offering anything for Thanksgiving. I think they are one of the very best restaurants in Fayette County as well as Newnan. They have absolutely fantastic food with very nice atmosphere (especially out on their patio) and very good service. They don't try to be something they aren't. They own their food. They do what they do and they do it very, very well. I know it's not in the area you specified, but I think it's worth the drive, hands down, if they are offering Thanksgiving dinner. Here is a link to City Cafe:

      Regarding Serenbe, I do not like the Farmhouse. I think it's way overpriced for such a small amount of food that really isn't that amazing - especially for the price. A lot of hype, not much substance as far as I'm concerned. Some really like the Farmhouse, some really don't. I just wanted to share my thoughts.

      Another restaurant that has a lot of hype and not much substance is Frank's at the Old Mill in Fayetteville. I'd avoid this place too.

      Another place to check out is Tim's Country Buffet in Fayetteville. The atmosphere is not nearly as nice as City Cafe's, but if you like Southern food, there is no better in all of the Atlanta area as far as I'm concerned. It's a Southern buffet where every single item on the buffet is prepared in such a manner that the tastes and textures are spot on every single time I go there. Not to mention, their prices are very good. If they're offering a Thanksgiving service and you and your mother-in-law like Southern food, this might be your place.

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        1. Farmhouse or The Hil at Serenbe. City Cafe is a fine bakery, ok for run of the mill dinner during the week, but nothing special, imho .....