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Oct 15, 2012 01:49 PM

San Jose restaurants with private room

I am new to the area and am in need of some options for business dinners with private rooms. I am are looking for places with Chow-worthy food, entrees may be up to about $40/person, though that is not a fixed number. We will also be planning appetizers and drinks, but that is just a ballpark for the entrees alone. There will be a few different business dinners planned, some with as few as 6-10 people, others with as many as 30-40 attending. As such, I expect the need to plan dinners at multiple locations. Anywhere in San Jose is acceptable. The major requests are that the food be relatively destination-worthy to be a draw to encourage attendance and that a private room or a segregated large table be available.

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  1. Try Bella Mia. Italian restaurant w. good food and prices.

    1. The only true destination worthy restaurant in the San Jose area is Manresa...David Kinch's michelin two star place.

      The following restaurants are names which I believe will draw people if only for "on someone else's dime".

      Morton's Steakhouse or Fairmont's Grill on the Alley (hard to resist free steak
      )DH says you can probably work with restaurant for prix fixe menu so you will have options of less expensive cuts.

      Dio Deka, Los Gatos (upscale Greek, food can be very good, especially lamb & other grilled items; hmm, just noticed that the cheapest steak is $51...yikes).
      Arcadia (Michael Mina)
      Sent Sovi, Saratoga (charming place in equally charming downtown Saratoga)
      The Basin, Saratoga (good food but haven't been in a while)
      Le Papillon (long standing French place in a nondescript suburban location, haven't been)
      LB Steak (wow, really extreme reviews on yelp...just wanted to include this because I believe it could be a draw...may be another hound can provide more insight)

      Well regarded restaurants, on the expensive side:
      Alexander's Steakhouse in Cupertino
      Plumed Horse in Saratoga