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Oct 15, 2012 12:57 PM

Brooklyn Neighborhoods & Restaurants - Newbie

Hi everyone - I am a Manhattanite, who embarassingly enough, hasn't spent nearly enough time in Brooklyn. I really want to learn the different neighborhoods, and I figured the best way to do that is by eating and drinking my way through! Does anyone have good recommendations for Brooklyn in the following neighborhoods? I generally love great restaurants, but don't really want to spend more than $65 per person. Any ideas? Would also love great local bars to have drinks before and after...

Brooklyn Heights
Cobble Hill
Carroll Gardens
Park Slope
Fort Greene


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  1. Oh - I should also add that I will be doing this with my girlfriend, so looking for nice, but chill places. Thanks again!

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      If you'll just enter any of those neighborhoods in the search box, you will see many threads of the best and worst.

    2. Happy exploring! There are other great neighborhoods with great food. Here's part 2:

      Bay Ridge
      Sunset Park
      Brighton Beach

      And then there's Queens...

      1. I lived a block south of Atlantic Avenue between Clinton and Henry for 20 years, and have grown quite fond of the middle eastern restaurants. None of them are "great," perhaps, but I think they're very good, with Waterfalls (BYO) a perennial favorite - 144 Atlantic Ave.

        Across the street, the Waterfront Ale House isn't just for pub grub, their daily specials often include game meats and seafood. It's October and in honor of Oktoberfest they offer a German-themed menu all month long. Many, many beers and hard stuff to choose from. 155 Atlantic Ave.

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          Thanks for the recomendations guys! We decided to do our first outing and hit the Brooklyn Flea and then have an early dinner at Convivium Osteria in Park Slope...the reccs above will go onto the list though! Any others are welcome too, since we are going to try and do this twice a month

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            Watch out. The Barclay's Center has totally screwed up all the restaurants in the area. If there is an event there the night you plan to go there, be sure you have a reservation way in advance.