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Oct 15, 2012 12:39 PM

Recs for whole milk dry powder - Nido (Nestle) no good?

This is probably a follow-up to my previous post, but I'm looking for WHOLE (not nonfat) dry milk powder to make a dry hot cocoa mix. Chowhounds have recommended Nido in the past, but reviews I've seen say that, after moving their plant from Chile to Mexico, Nido's quality has taken a nosedive and now tastes horrible.

Any thoughts on this? Any other suggestions on good whole milk powders? Looking to buy at least a few pounds, so economical would be great!


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  1. I just bought some from King Arthur for homemade American cheese. I would love your hot cocoa recipe. :)

    1. I buy Nido on a regular basis for yogurt making and for baking (we use 2% for drinking, but whole milk is better in most baked applications), and I noticed no change in quality after the changeover. Only difference is that now it's vitamin-fortified. I had worried that might add some subtle off-flavors, but nope, it still gets the job done.

      Klim, which is also a Nestle product, is also perfectly respectable.

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      1. I haven't bought Nido in a while, and haven't heard of a change. In fact I was under the impression the the whole milk Nido always was from Mexico, but I didn't examine the issue closely. I know that Nestle condensed milk is from Chile.

        But of late the large cans of Nido have been hard to find. I've been seeing boxes of nonfat Nido, and more boxes of grain based Nido drink.

        In one large Asian market (99Ranch) I still see cans of Klim, a historic powdered milk brand, which I think is also Nestle.

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          Not sure how large you're looking to go, but there are 3.5lb containers on Amazon:

          Amazon is also the source for the negative reviews upon supposed change from Chile to Mexico.

          Glad to hear no one's had issues, though - guess I'll take the chance and order a couple of these!

          1. re: jen223

            I have an empty can with a May 2012 expiration date - so I probably bought that a year ago. It says 'made in Mexico'.