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The definitive gluten free "BEST OF" list! Please add your favorite retail GF stuff.

So far, the best things I've tried have been:

Pamela's GF Pancake Mix
Udi's White Bread (needs to be toasted)
Arepas (south American corn/cheese cakes)
Estrella Daura (beer)
Gluten Free Girl and the Chef's Pizza Dough recipe (really their flatbread cracker recipe)

I've been told that King Author's GF Brownie Mix is good but have yet to try it.

PLEASE. Use this thread to list any GF retail products that you think are superior. I'm tired of being burned.

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  1. I'm not gluten free, but I am allergic to barley, which nixes a lot of products for me.

    One of my favorite things is Blue Diamond Nut thins crackers. Super delicious. They do seem to go stale fast, so if you can keep yourself from eating the whole package, seal it up well.

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      Yeah. I love Nut Thins! My sub for a sandwich at lunch is some sort of chicken/egg salad with Nut Thins.

    2. Crunchmaster crackers
      Chebe mix
      Pure Fit bars

      1. terrific topic!

        - Bob's Red Mill: GF Oats, GF Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal, Organic Coconut Flour, Blanched Almond Flour...i'm basically a fan of all BRM GF flours, though i haven't tried any of their mixes
        - Trader Joe's Almond Meal
        - San-J GF Tamari Sauce (i buy the reduced sodium variety)
        - Mochiko Sweet Rice Flour
        - Arrowhead Mills Organic Maple Buckwheat Flakes
        - Nature's Path Organic Mesa Sunrise Cereal
        - Mission Corn Tortillas
        - Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Chips
        - and add my vote for Nut Thins and Crunchmaster Crackers

        i've heard that Canyon Bakehouse makes really good bread & muffins, but i've never tried their products myself.

        i'm sure i'll think of more...

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          i thought of more:
          - Coconut Secret Organic Coconut Flour
          - Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos (a great GF *and* soy-free alternative to soy sauce)
          - the Erewhon lineup of Crispy Brown Rice cereals - the plain is the best alternative i've found to Rice Krispies
          - Trader Joe's GF Gingersnaps
          - Pop'd Kerns (formerly Gladcorn) - basically seasoned half-popped corn kernels
          - Ancient Harvest Quinoa Flakes

          1. Are there any good GF pizza dough mixes (already made)? I just made Bob's Red and it was an abomination. I'd love it if there was something quick and easy (that actually TASTES like pizza dough).

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              I haven't had one and I've tried a lot. But a weekend afternoon premixing the ingredients in mason jars was totally worth it. I used the Gluten Free Girl's crust recipe, no gums, used chia. It's a starch bomb but that's why it tastes authentic.

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                Well, it's not a mix but I love Glutino's pizza crust.

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                  Forget the mixes and buy Against The Grain pizza skins. EVERYONE loves them. My gluten-eating husband claims it's the best pizza crust he's ever eaten, and that's saying a lot. They have a short, simple ingredient list; tapioca flour, milk, eggs, canola oil, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese. That's it, and it's genius.

                  They make a baguette that is the bomb and doesn't need to be toasted to taste good. Their bagels are made using the same method (cheese) but I'm not a fan, because they aren't "bagelish" except for the shape.

                  I get the pizza crusts and baguettes at my local Nutrition S'Mart in the GF freezer. They also carry the 2 varieties of prepared pizzas from ATG. Whole Foods has them, too. I've added a link, because I'm just that kind of girl.


                  1. re: DuffyH


                    I just found an ATG source near me, thanks to your link! I'd never heard of it. Thank you SOOOOO much!

                    1. re: ItalianNana

                      ItalianNana, you're very welcome. Please let us know how you like them. BTW - we like really crisp crust and found that bringing them to room temp, then baking at 375ยบ for about 15-16 minutes in my Breville oven gives us that. Our favorite pizza is taco pizza, something about the cheese in the crust just works with taco toppings.

                    2. re: DuffyH

                      100% agree. ATG is amazing. Not healthy, but totally delicious. :D

                      1. re: zaydia

                        Healthy? Gluten free, hello! That's healthy by definition. Take flourless chocolate cake. Totally good for us, right? Right?

                        Well, that's my story and I'm sticking with it. ;)

                  2. Lesley Stowe's Rain Coast Crisps. They FINALLY have a gluten free version. I think it's cranberry/rosemary? It's not on their website. Anyhow, it's so nice to have a Fancy Cracker to have with my favorite triple cremes. I am so tired of those nut crackers that I could scream.

                    Another huge fan of Coconut Aminos. Talk about a great partner for good fish sauce and beef!

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                      really? GF Raincoast Crisps? i'll have to keep an eye out for them...

                    2. Le Veneziane pasta... made with corn, the best GF pasta I have tried, by a long shot.

                      1. I'm not GF, but with all of my other dietary issues, I attended a GF expo yesterday morning with tons of samples. I didn't try anything sweet, since sugar is one of my issues, so I stuck with savory breads and snacks.

                        Rummaging through the information I picked up, I have 3 that I tried, liked, and that ship:

                        Against the Grain: www.againstthegraingourmet.com
                        Breads, Pizza Crusts, Pizzas

                        Brazi Bites: www.brazibites.com
                        Cheese bread snacks (I bought 3 packages


                        Legit Pizza: www.celisac.com
                        Pizza dough mixes

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                        1. re: tracylee

                          i must admit, i tried the bagels from Against the Grain Gourmet a few years ago and i personally thought they were awful. those are NOT bagels - i threw out the bag. then again, i'm a tough bagel critic because i grew up eating the real deal - perhaps their breads are better.

                          i wish all these companies posted ingredient & nutrition info ont heir websites - i can't find anything about Brazi Bites. but that "Legit Pizza" mix looks interesting.

                          thanks for the report!

                          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                            I'm on the way out the door, but when I get back this evening, I'll pull a package of the Brazi Bites out of the freezer and post the information from the back.

                            Oh, and Against the Grain didn't have bagels to try. Just bread and pizza, but then again, I'm not a bagel expert.

                            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                              OK, I cheated and took a pic, rather than copy it all down, LOL.

                              Looks like the ingredients are a bit shaded, so I'll write those in:
                              tapioca starch, eggs, milk, parmesan cheese (part skim milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzyme), safflower oil and/or soybean oil, cheddar cheese (cultured milk, salt, enzymes), water, salt.

                              1. re: tracylee

                                you didn't have to go to all that trouble! but thanks, that was really sweet of you :)

                              2. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                You're right, they make a terrible bagel. But they make a KILLER pizza crust.

                            2. Love it!! I'm in Canada but here's a few I love:
                              Kinnikinnick -GF graham crumbs, rice cerial (like Rice Krispies)
                              Only oats -oats and oat flour
                              Purest - baking powder & baking soda
                              Hempola hemp seed flour
                              Manitoba harvest - hemp seeds and hemp seed butter
                              Betty Crocker - cake mixes
                              Tinkyada rice pasta spaghetti style mostly others are ok but spag is best
                              Super Slim rice crackers
                              Enjoy life - chocolate chips, chocolate chip cookies soft, sugar cookies crunchy
                              Go go quinoa- mushroom soup (vegan if made w soy)
                              Bobs red mill variety of GF grits
                              Barney butter Almond butter (peanut free as well)
                              Pure pantry chocolate chip cookie mix
                              123 Gluten free biscuits for pie crust recipe

                              That's my list of loves for now, oh and a locally made corn tortillas called El Mercado
                              Oh and o'doughs white bread(egg and dairy free as well as GF)
                              Lays potato chips
                              YumEarth Organics gummy bears
                              Good karma r"ice" creams...
                              Ok for real this time done :)
                              Forgot so nice coffee creamer and earth balance soy free spread (I'm dairy free as well, also peanut and egg allergies in my home so I avoid those too) whew now I'm done :)

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                                we used to get kinnikinnick doghnuts in the frozen food section.. kids LOVED them

                              2. Garlic and parmesan Plentils are bangin'. Rice noodles from the Asian grocery are my go-to. The bigger stores even have spirals or shells or something sometimes, and they're always really good and pretty cheap. Mi del gingersnaps are utterly fantastic. Best s'mores I have ever had in my life. Purple rice crackers from Whole Foods are excellent. They're kind of expensive, but they're delicious and perfect for a fancy cheese plate. I like the EnerG white rice and tapioca loaves pretty well, but I think Udi's is better. Those dehydrated Annie's rice noodles are pretty much devoid of nutrition, but they taste good and they're easy- they hit the spot if you're in the mood for ramen (is it taboo to admit to ramen cravings on chowhound?). I like the Glutino pretzels too. I kind of feel like we should also have a thread for bad products.

                                1. LIz Lovely cookies, particularly the lovely Oh's. They are gluten free oreos that are dipped in chocolate, that come with vanilla and peanut butter filling.

                                  Also Sammy's bread, particularly the chia bread There bagels are OK too, tasty, but don't compare to a real NYC bagel.

                                  1. I like very few GF products (I like to make my own crackers, chips and so on) but I really do like the new Kinnikinnick soft bread. You do not need to toast it and the slices are as large as regular bread slices (not tiny like Udi's and others). Their fresh baguettes and dinner rolls stay soft as well. My second choice would be Glutino Genius bread (again, larger slices). Both are only $4.99 which is a bonus. Thankfully they are produced only three hours from where I live so I stock up like mad when we make a visit. I love to make my own bread but sometimes you've just got to buy it.

                                    When we are in Europe I stock up on Schar's ciabatta rolls that you must "bake" for ten minutes. However, their other bread products fail to impress.

                                    ETA: As I never use mixes (never have, not just gluten free) so cannot comment on those but have heard good things about some including Pamela's.

                                    1. I'm not gluten free but my sister inlaw is. We took a gluten free baking class at King Arthur over the summer which was fun. We made our own bread from scratch which came out good. She's always searching for new products and she brought home some bread the other day that even I would eat, it's the closest to real bread we've ever tasted.

                                      Eva Ruth's out of Middletown, Rhode Island. She bought two loves of fresh bread from them at a farmer's market in Boston. The white loaf and the whole grain. The white was good but the whole grain was better. It had a bit more chew than the white, more like regular bread. She was so excited when we opened them up and gave a taste, she made a peanut butter sandwich on the spot and said "do you have any idea how happy I am right now?"

                                      It's expensive, as all gluten free products are, but worth a try if you love/miss bread. She used it for her Thanksgiving stuffing, toasting it in the oven first and she was happy with the result. But just that you can make a sandwich and the bread doesn't fall apart and actually tastes good is the ultimate.

                                      No I don't work for them! I'm just impressed because I've tried a lot of the bread she eats and I couldn't take more than a bite. Real bread is my favorite food so if I could eat a sandwich on this bread it must be good!

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                                      1. re: Jpan99

                                        approval from gluten-eaters is the highest form of flattery when it comes to these things. i just don't bother with bread at all anymore, but i'm sure those who do will appreciate the recommendation!

                                      2. I found these baked lentil chips at a local store by Mediterranean Snacks....they are great!!! I like them better than the Almond chips - sometimes they are just too "almondy" tasting, especially with dips.

                                        Also found these snack food chunks - like an energy bar but in small chunks. The label says "Dancing Star presents Chunks of Energy." I especially like the Chia Orange flavor. They are a nice little snack before my workouts and aren't too heavy.

                                        And Amy's GF mac & cheese is my new favorite!! Nice & creamy!

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                                        1. re: jenscats5

                                          i love the Dancing Star energy chunks. they're high in sugar and i can only eat the carob-based ones because the other flavors contain soy powder, but they're great for a sweet treat. Whole Foods, natural markets & co-ops sell them in the bulk section, and you can get them for a good price online from websites like nuts.com if you want to stock up or try other flavors.

                                          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                            Good to know GHG!! I work out at about 5am in the morning, so I like a very quick snack beforehand just so I won't feel sick to my stomach. I will look for them online.......Wish we had a Whole Foods around here just for some specialty items....

                                            I also like the No GII bars that Elizabeth Hasselback makes.....they are quite tasty....

                                            1. re: jenscats5

                                              i used to train clients at 5 am who had the same issue (i personally get sick to my stomach if i even consider eating something that early). the energy chunks are a good choice for that! buy them online - you'll get a better price, and you don't have to worry about other customers sticking their grimy hands in the bulk bins ;)

                                              watch out for eating too much processed soy. it's the first ingredient in those NoGii bars, and unfortunately show up in a lot if GF foods.

                                              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                                Really?? There's soy in the NoGii bars?? Darn, I didn't notice or I wouldn't have bought them......not a fan of processed soy at all & try to avoid at all costs...

                                                Speaking of bars, another good one is the Kind Plus bars.....the cranberry/pomegranite ones are good....

                                                ETA: just noticed that on the list.....SIGHHHHH will have to take them off the list now....

                                                1. re: jenscats5

                                                  processed soy is the very first - and therefore most abundant - ingredient in the NoGii Bars. (sorry to burst your bubble!) i did notice on the NoGii website that they now offer a couple of soy-free "Paleo" bars. the name is ridiculous because those things are not even remotely Paleo-friendly (they contain way too much sugar, and safflower oil is a no-no). but hey, at least there's no gluten or soy! ;)

                                                  Kind Bars & Larabars are probably the best options for a high-carb GF energy hit. if you want something with more protein and no soy, look for Questbars - i'd personally recommend sticking with the "all-natural" flavors, because the other ones are sweetened with Splenda.

                                                  1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                                    Meh! You didn't burst my bubble, but it is disappointing! I've seen/had the Quest bars before and they are good! Will look for them again....thanks for the reminder! The Kind bars are good too!

                                                    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                                      I second the KIND bars. Especially when I am on the road, I try to always have some on me.

                                            2. re: jenscats5

                                              I was going to second it but I realized mine is Annies (the boxed kind) it's very good, way better than I was expecting - will have to try the Amy's next time I have to have Mac n Cheese (Dairy is an issue for me, but sometimes I take the tummy ache - it's not like Gluten which takes me out for 3-5 days, dairy just a bit, so once in a while I have to have a little)...Also I just discover Mary's Organic Crackers (I hate the crackers, WAY too healthy for me lol) but the cookies!!! Oh my....they are fabulous! Dairy and egg free too, I only tried the chocolate chip but YUM!

                                            3. Decided to try these chips I saw at BJs finally......Wild Riceworks gourmet wildrice crisps......nice & crispy, good flavor!! Thumbs up for sure!

                                              1. Pamela;s Gingersnaps

                                                Cup4Cup Flour mix (French Laundry sponsored, but sold through William Sonoma)-pricey but worth it for baking

                                                1. Fabe's All Natural Bakery has gluten and vegan products. I don't have access to them anymore (although you can order online)--however, my favorite were the very mini cookies in Oatmeal Raisin.


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                                                  1. re: GraceW

                                                    Just to clarify, the Oatmeal Raisin mini cookies are wheat-free but NOT gluten free - they contain barley flour, conventional oats & malt extract.

                                                    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                                      Yes, they are part of the Vegan line, but I have had the gluten free line... and I would recommend that too.--I am sorry, I didn't mean to be misleading!

                                                      Regardless: thumbs-up for Fabe's.

                                                  2. Glutenfreeda's Instant Oatmeal! I've never been a fan of oatmeal but this oatmeal is so creamy even without milk.

                                                    1. Today I found a new (to me) favorite thing!

                                                      Rudi's Plain Tortillas

                                                      I found them in the cooler at my local Nutrtition S'Mart, and guess what? They BEND! They're downright floppy, like corn tortillas. Bought a pack, rushed home and made a soft chicken taco with one. Did the usual, warmed it in a dry skillet, then filled it. It looked, acted and tasted very much like a flour tortilla. Not as puffy soft as a true flour tortilla, but lacked that crackly, tough, leathery chew of the other GF tortillas I've tried. The flavor was good, too, just shy of the real item. In short, I had me a genuine, honest soft taco. Yum! :)

                                                      I think it would be great for a burrito, because it was softest near the bottom of the taco, where the warm chicken was. I can't wait to try it fry-baked into a bowl for a beans-at-the-bottom taco salad.

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                                                      1. re: DuffyH


                                                        Another terrific rec! I would never have purchased those but have seen them many times. I have learned to love corn tortillas for lots of things, but chili verde NEEDS a flour one. I'm going to give these a shot for an enchilada change too. Thanks!

                                                        1. re: ItalianNana

                                                          Bite your tongue! The only proper tortilla for enchiladas is corn, LOL :)

                                                          1. re: DuffyH


                                                            Okay, I promise not to use for anything but soft tacos and burritos!

                                                      2. Jovial brand pasta - their capellini especially, although imo all of their shapes/sized are superior to Tinkyada.

                                                        Authentics Foods brand featherlight all purpose GF flour blend

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                                                        1. re: windycityvegan

                                                          My favorite GF pasta is Bionaturae rigatoni. My daughter served it at a family gathering that included a Celiac friend, before I was diagnosed. We didn't know the difference and I've been enjoying it ever since. I still miss big egg noodles and other pastas.

                                                          1. re: ItalianNana

                                                            ItalianNana: Bionaturae is made by the same people who make Jovial!! I also love Bionaturae's shapes, and they vary from what Jovial has to offer.

                                                            1. re: windycityvegan


                                                              Wow! I buy mine online at Vitacost. They are cheaper than my grocer for pasta and the Crunchmasters crackers I love. And they have a very low ($25?) for free shipping.

                                                              1. re: ItalianNana

                                                                Good to know! I'll have to check Vitacost out, maybe they have Schar GF pasta, I think they make really small soup pasta! (I really miss ditalini for some reason.)

                                                                1. re: windycityvegan

                                                                  Ditalini was my default shape for macaroni salad. It was my potato salad recipe subbing ditalini for potatoes. I miss it, potato salad is fine, but not the same. And Caesar pasta salad, so good! <sigh>

                                                                  1. re: DuffyH

                                                                    I loved using it for pasta salads, too! But also, pasta e fagioli. I have this lovely little Italian cookbook, La Bella Cucina, and it has a pasta e fagioli recipe that uses white beans and wild fennel. Aforementioned Italian husband swooned at the sight of it.

                                                                    1. re: windycityvegan

                                                                      windy, I recall this little Italian place in Virginia. Outside the DC beltway, it was in an old town center, surrounded by new development. They served up a plate of fagioli as an appy. No pasta, just beans perfectly seasoned and so creamy and saucy.

                                                                      The best plate of beans I've ever eaten, I've been trying to perfect it at home. Getting close, but not there yet.

                                                                      1. re: DuffyH

                                                                        Sounds lovely! I often slowly braise beans with herbs and alliums until they're creamy and almost falling apart. I'm Peruvian, though, and having grown up eating beans prepared this way I don't think of them as Italian unless a small pasta is thrown into the pot!

                                                                        1. re: windycityvegan

                                                                          For more years than I care to admit, I believed that if it didn't have pasta, it wasn't Italian. I still do, a little bit. :)

                                                                          1. re: DuffyH

                                                                            My daughter is being raised by a Lithuanian/Italian and a German/Peruvian . . . I see some interesting food perceptions developing in her future. :)

                                                          2. re: windycityvegan

                                                            windycity - I have yet to find a decent angel hair or even spaghetti, for that matter. Something about the skinny noodles just doesn't translate well. I haven't seen Jovial, but will certainly look for it. Thanks!

                                                            1. re: DuffyH

                                                              Oh, I hope you can find Jovial angel hair and/or spaghetti; it is just as good as it's semolina counterpart, I promise. My husband is Italian, and he says he cannot tell the difference at all. ALSO - they do well in the fridge, and don't become brittle like most GF pastas do once they cool down. I often bring leftover Jovial capellini to work for lunch and eat it cold right out of my lunch bag.

                                                              ItalianNana mentioned Bionaturae, which is another excellent brand (again, as good as if not better than Tinkyada imo) - and they are made by the same people who make Jovial. Good luck finding these pastas, they are worth it!

                                                              1. re: windycityvegan

                                                                <My husband is Italian, and he says he cannot tell the difference at all.>

                                                                That's the kind of recommendation we look for!

                                                                I scored some Conte's frozen cheese ravioli recently, going to try it tomorrow night. Film at 11!

                                                            2. re: windycityvegan

                                                              windy and IN,

                                                              Tonight I tried Conte's frozen cheese ravioli. It cooked up quick, didn't fall apart, and only took about 2 minutes longer than suggested to get to al dente. Isn't that always the way?

                                                              After tasting it, I decided to throw caution to the wind and serve it to Dude, who really hates GF pasta.

                                                              His determination (and remember, he's a gluten eater) is that it has the same texture as wheat pasta (what he really said was "It doesn't stick to my teeth"), and the taste is 'almost' identical. He'd happily eat it again. She shoots! She scores!

                                                              It's my new favorite GF thing! :)

                                                              1. re: DuffyH

                                                                I'll have to keep that in mind for my husband! I don't eat dairy, but he does, and cheese ravioli is something he misses. He has a gluten *intolerance* (I'm the one with an allergy), so he tries to eat GF as much as possible. Thanks for the heads up on this product!

                                                            3. Liz Lovely cookies! She makes chocolate covered PB oreo cookies that are gluten free! I feel like it is the white whale of vegan gluten free baked goods.

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                                                              1. re: adventuresinbaking

                                                                I just visited her website; the cookies do look yummy! Adding to my WF shopping list. :)

                                                              2. In the UK - King Soba for noodles, Biona Organica for condiments and spreads (they are not a dedicated GF company, they cover a range of special diets), Mrs Crimbles for baked goods and baking mixes, Dove's Farm for flours and pasta, Trufree crackers and pretzels - although Trufree are part of DS/Dietary Specials/Dr Schar - and I don't rate their product range at ALL. Genius for fresh breads and rolls.

                                                                Please note that I am not GF, I just cook for a GF diet often and have had many hits and misses when trying to provide GF alternatives to her favourite meals.

                                                                1. Betty Crocker Gluten Free Brownie Mix.
                                                                  This is better than any brownie mix I have had (and I don't eat gluten-free, it was for a friend)--and usually I don't even like brownie mixes. I am a "brownie-snob" and thought this mix was divine.

                                                                  1. King Arthur GF Brownie Mix--this was even better than the Betty Crocker one.. and better than any from-scratch brownies that I have had.

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                                                                    1. re: GraceW

                                                                      I love Betty's mix. The stuff from KAF must be heavenly to beat it. How lucky to have two faboo brownie mixes! Kind of makes up for the bread. ;)

                                                                      1. re: DuffyH

                                                                        I found it on 'clearance' at my local store ~$3 instead of ~$6?.. and I cannot decide if I should drive back and stock-up or avoid that since I will end up making a lot of brownies..

                                                                        I tried WOW brownies on the west-coast.. and I blame WOW for getting me on a brownie kick. http://www.wowbaking.com/

                                                                        1. re: GraceW

                                                                          It's a trick question, right? Of course you should stock up!

                                                                          1. re: DuffyH

                                                                            By the time I went back they were all gone. Only cake mixes.. and I do not like boxed-cakes. But I just tried a mini-packet of Pamela's and KA is still better.

                                                                    2. Udi's Ancient Grain Millet-Chia bread is, to me, nothing short of extraordinary. I have not been impressed with most gluten-free breads, generally hating the texture and flavorlessness. The Millet-Chia bread has a good degree of...well, of the "stretchiness" I associate with good gluten breads. It's even tasty untoasted, although I do generally toast it as I store it in the freezer (note: it toasts from frozen very quickly; keep an eye on it). The millet flavor is delicious. Frankly, even if I could eat gluten, I would probably still buy this bread. As it is, I rarely bother buying any other GF loaves now.

                                                                      The Kinnikinnick S'moreables "graham crackers" are also uncommonly good and while not, of course, "the same," have a flavor that's delicious on its own. The texture dismayed me initially, as they are much harder than the normally tender graham cracker, but over the course of a very humid summer here, I found that not sealing up the packaging led to a very pleasant tenderness. Now I open the the packaging immediately and let the atmospheric conditions work their magic! (Don't know what my strategy will be in the winter months yet...heh.)

                                                                      1. -Barbara's bakery cereal line has a large selection, i love the original and mutligrain puffins
                                                                        -trader joe's corn pastas

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                                                                        1. re: Ttrockwood

                                                                          I used to love Puffins! Those and the Mesa Sunrise Flakes from Nature's Path were my favorite GF cereals. Just to clarify, the only Puffins that are gluten-free are the 2 flavors you mentioned.

                                                                          Here's the link to their GF products page for anyone who's interested: http://barbaras.com/commitment/specia...

                                                                        2. King Arthur GF Brownie Mix,
                                                                          Cup4Cup flour mix (the only mix I use. I bought a 25lb bag and keep it in gallon bags in the freezer. It really does work as a cup for cup substitute.)
                                                                          Omission beer,
                                                                          Trader Joe's Brown Rice Pasta (I think it might be Tinkyada repackaged?)
                                                                          Trader Joe's Rice Mac and Cheese (I think it is Amy's GF repackaged?)
                                                                          MAMA Instant Rice Noodles. (I've only see them in one store in Laurel, MD but they are great for my desk drawer with some bouillon cubes as a ramen substitute for when I don't have a lunch.)
                                                                          Against the Grain Pizza
                                                                          Cup for Cup Pizza Crust Mix (ok but ATG is better)

                                                                          1. Have you ever tried gluten free breakfast from mixmyown.com? You can mix your own and they have also gluten free premix http://www.mixmyown.com/pre-mix/info/...

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                                                                            1. re: SusanKline39

                                                                              It's a great idea, but the markup on their ingredients is so high it's offensive.

                                                                            2. I volunteer-assist a multiply-disabled lady with multiple medical dxs one of which is celiac disease. It's hard for her to manage her own cooking but we have had good GF success with corn tortillas, canned refried beans, and whatever other taco makings we can round up--cooked meat, lettuce, tomato, taco sauce---we collect the ingredients together and she assembles the tacos by herself.

                                                                              1. Hey There,

                                                                                I've been GF and (almost always) low carb for a year now. Also trying to incorporate anti-inflammatory eating into my life due to continued health issues. And, I don't like chocolate and tend to prefer savory flavors so sometimes it's hard to shop.

                                                                                Although I don't eat a lot of prepackaged foods, here are some GF things I've tried that are pretty darn good.

                                                                                Beanitos (any flavor)
                                                                                --These are also low glycemic. The cheddar are my favorite, as they taste kind of like a grown up Dorito. The white bean is the closest to a restaurant style tortilla chip you can get.

                                                                                Blue Diamond Nut thins (any flavor)
                                                                                --I bring these a lot for work pot luck stuff and everyone always comments on how crunchy and tasty they are. Big hit.

                                                                                Rudino's Mulberry frozen pizza
                                                                                --Like all GF pizzas, they're more expensive and smaller than their wheaty counterparts. And, I can taste the rice flour. But, these are the best I've found. I like to throw a little bleu cheese on them.

                                                                                Epic Cranberry Bison bars
                                                                                --The only GF, low glycemic, non-chocolate bar I've found. They're pricey, and taste kinda sorta like a softer and more complex beef jerky.

                                                                                Glutino pretzel sticks
                                                                                --Got these in a Christmas care package from my aunt, and brought them to a party with some nice dips. Taste great and got lots of compliments on the taste and crunch.

                                                                                Trader Joe's almond meal is really good. I also have some Bob's, but like how you can see little bits of of the skin ground up, giving it a different texture. I would use the Bob's for something like a cake.

                                                                                Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos are tasty, but to me they are noticeably sweet so my palate rejects it as a tamari alternative.

                                                                                The big grocery chain here in Austin, HEB, carries a line of GF baking products like waffles/pancakes and cake mixes.

                                                                                Haven't used them yet, but I grabbed some Pioneer GF mixes for the pantry: taco seasoning, brown gravy, cream gravy. It's not on their website so maybe we are a test market.

                                                                                2 Replies
                                                                                1. re: dinaofdoom

                                                                                  <Like all GF pizzas, they're more expensive and smaller than their wheaty counterparts. And, I can taste the rice flour. But, these are the best I've found. I like to throw a little bleu cheese on them.>

                                                                                  Please try Against The Grain if you can find them. They're frozen, and usually at Whole Foods or health food stores. Nutrition S'Mart in Tampa carries them. They're like no other GF pizza. My Dude (who eats gluten and loathes most GF foods) says they're the best crusts he's ever had. Ever. And, they're full-size, at 12". No weird flours in these. No flour at all, to be honest. But seriously good crust.

                                                                                  1. re: DuffyH

                                                                                    i will definitely look for them. i'm from boston get homesick for good pizza here in TX. now that i'm GF it seemed impossible!

                                                                                2. Trader Joes GF chocolate chip cookies
                                                                                  DeLallo and Schar brands of pasta
                                                                                  Van's whole grain crackers- the Everything flavor is my fave
                                                                                  Estella beer
                                                                                  King Arthur Flour's recipe for GF pie crust (not really a product, but the best pie crust I've had in a long time!)

                                                                                  1. The King Arthur bread mix is great.

                                                                                    1. Hope this thread is still active!
                                                                                      My two fav GF pastas:
                                                                                      #1: Barilla GF Spaghetti (and their Penne too) Best!
                                                                                      #2: Ancient Harvest Quinoa Penne
                                                                                      Pics below of both...

                                                                                      1. I just started my son (age 7) on a GF diet to see if it's gluten that causes him to have a frequent upset stomach.

                                                                                        He likes the Barilla GF twists as long as they have tomato sauce (and meatballs). And this weekend I made a batch of GF pancakes using GF Bisquick. They tasted okay but were much improved by throwing in a handful of chocolate chips. He ate them for breakfast today and was happy.

                                                                                        I bought the Udi's rolls and sent him to camp with a sandwich today. Those were not such a success. He told me the bread was weird. So I will keep trying different breads/rolls.

                                                                                        He has also been happy with Annie's mac and cheese with rice pasta.

                                                                                        1. Kinnikinnick donut--Granted I don't even like cake-donuts, but I thought these were a pretty decent treat enjoyed by gf-eaters and non-gf eaters alike.

                                                                                          1. World Foods GF Thai Curry paste is really, really good. We had been using Taste of Thai but we like WF even more though Taste of Thai is quite good and also GF.

                                                                                            Sabatasso's GF pizza from Costco is good and not too terribly expensive. Just cheese but with a couple extra toppings added at home a good way to get a pizza fix. The Stark Raving Pizza is also good but twice the price.

                                                                                            Organicville Sky Valley Sriracha is one I like. It's hot with a little sweet and not overly garlicky. Huy Fong is also great and has not gluten products. The Huy Fong Sambal Oelek is a necessity for me to add stars when cooking Thai food. Though Huy Fong are not labeled GF they have communicated that their suppliers do not use gluten. [Hearsay from some of the internet GF sources]

                                                                                            Wan Ja Shan Organic GF tamari.

                                                                                            Wild Brine sauerkraut and kimchee are GF taste great and are naturally fermented with probiotics.

                                                                                            Applegate Naturals Sunday Bacon is really good, GF and uncured. Thin sliced to cook up crisp. Hempler's is also good if you like thick sliced.

                                                                                            Isernio's sausages are GF [except the Bangers] in chicken or pork. The Italian are the ones I get and they are GF and no nitrates or nitrites.