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Oct 15, 2012 12:32 PM

The definitive gluten free "BEST OF" list! Please add your favorite retail GF stuff.

So far, the best things I've tried have been:

Pamela's GF Pancake Mix
Udi's White Bread (needs to be toasted)
Arepas (south American corn/cheese cakes)
Estrella Daura (beer)
Gluten Free Girl and the Chef's Pizza Dough recipe (really their flatbread cracker recipe)

I've been told that King Author's GF Brownie Mix is good but have yet to try it.

PLEASE. Use this thread to list any GF retail products that you think are superior. I'm tired of being burned.

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  1. I'm not gluten free, but I am allergic to barley, which nixes a lot of products for me.

    One of my favorite things is Blue Diamond Nut thins crackers. Super delicious. They do seem to go stale fast, so if you can keep yourself from eating the whole package, seal it up well.

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    1. re: jw615

      Yeah. I love Nut Thins! My sub for a sandwich at lunch is some sort of chicken/egg salad with Nut Thins.

    2. Crunchmaster crackers
      Chebe mix
      Pure Fit bars

      1. terrific topic!

        - Bob's Red Mill: GF Oats, GF Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal, Organic Coconut Flour, Blanched Almond Flour...i'm basically a fan of all BRM GF flours, though i haven't tried any of their mixes
        - Trader Joe's Almond Meal
        - San-J GF Tamari Sauce (i buy the reduced sodium variety)
        - Mochiko Sweet Rice Flour
        - Arrowhead Mills Organic Maple Buckwheat Flakes
        - Nature's Path Organic Mesa Sunrise Cereal
        - Mission Corn Tortillas
        - Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Chips
        - and add my vote for Nut Thins and Crunchmaster Crackers

        i've heard that Canyon Bakehouse makes really good bread & muffins, but i've never tried their products myself.

        i'm sure i'll think of more...

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        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          i thought of more:
          - Coconut Secret Organic Coconut Flour
          - Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos (a great GF *and* soy-free alternative to soy sauce)
          - the Erewhon lineup of Crispy Brown Rice cereals - the plain is the best alternative i've found to Rice Krispies
          - Trader Joe's GF Gingersnaps
          - Pop'd Kerns (formerly Gladcorn) - basically seasoned half-popped corn kernels
          - Ancient Harvest Quinoa Flakes

          1. Are there any good GF pizza dough mixes (already made)? I just made Bob's Red and it was an abomination. I'd love it if there was something quick and easy (that actually TASTES like pizza dough).

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            1. re: danbandman

              I haven't had one and I've tried a lot. But a weekend afternoon premixing the ingredients in mason jars was totally worth it. I used the Gluten Free Girl's crust recipe, no gums, used chia. It's a starch bomb but that's why it tastes authentic.

              1. re: danbandman

                Well, it's not a mix but I love Glutino's pizza crust.

                1. re: danbandman

                  Forget the mixes and buy Against The Grain pizza skins. EVERYONE loves them. My gluten-eating husband claims it's the best pizza crust he's ever eaten, and that's saying a lot. They have a short, simple ingredient list; tapioca flour, milk, eggs, canola oil, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese. That's it, and it's genius.

                  They make a baguette that is the bomb and doesn't need to be toasted to taste good. Their bagels are made using the same method (cheese) but I'm not a fan, because they aren't "bagelish" except for the shape.

                  I get the pizza crusts and baguettes at my local Nutrition S'Mart in the GF freezer. They also carry the 2 varieties of prepared pizzas from ATG. Whole Foods has them, too. I've added a link, because I'm just that kind of girl.


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                    I just found an ATG source near me, thanks to your link! I'd never heard of it. Thank you SOOOOO much!

                    1. re: ItalianNana

                      ItalianNana, you're very welcome. Please let us know how you like them. BTW - we like really crisp crust and found that bringing them to room temp, then baking at 375ยบ for about 15-16 minutes in my Breville oven gives us that. Our favorite pizza is taco pizza, something about the cheese in the crust just works with taco toppings.

                    2. re: DuffyH

                      100% agree. ATG is amazing. Not healthy, but totally delicious. :D

                      1. re: zaydia

                        Healthy? Gluten free, hello! That's healthy by definition. Take flourless chocolate cake. Totally good for us, right? Right?

                        Well, that's my story and I'm sticking with it. ;)

                  2. Lesley Stowe's Rain Coast Crisps. They FINALLY have a gluten free version. I think it's cranberry/rosemary? It's not on their website. Anyhow, it's so nice to have a Fancy Cracker to have with my favorite triple cremes. I am so tired of those nut crackers that I could scream.

                    Another huge fan of Coconut Aminos. Talk about a great partner for good fish sauce and beef!

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                    1. re: Vetter

                      really? GF Raincoast Crisps? i'll have to keep an eye out for them...