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Oct 15, 2012 12:32 PM

Group Dinner in London - Need Help

Need a dinner place in London for a group of 10. It's a business dinner but with a fun group - and one that knows food and wine well. Several of us are USA based and several UK based. We want reasonably high end, but not stuffy. I have spent some time on the boards and could use some further help. Our office is in the City but we can travel a bit for the dinner (1/2 hour?). Here are some of the possibles I have - a mixed bag I know. Are these good options? What others might be suitable? Thanks

Bocca di Lupo
Pollen St Social
St John

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  1. I quite like Magdalen on Tooley Street for this kind of dinner. A lot of great British ingredients, fine cooking and a really well-chosen wine list. Close to the City, but out of the way enough that it is usually easy to get a reservation for 10 people.

    Service is unobtrusive and very flexible. On one occasion I had to change the number of diners and the arrival time several times and the service was still perfect. Not recommending you do that of course, as they try to stagger the large parties to keep the kitchen working smoothly.

    1. I'd say you have an excellent short list there- I have been to all of those apart from texture and would rate all highly. It really depends what kind of place you want, you mention it's business but not formal. Brawn is probably my favourite on your list but it is definitely on the casual side (there wouldn't be many suits) and its also a little out the way (with a ten minute or so walk through some of londons less salubrious areas likely). Bocca is another favourite of mine and could be a good option as its a nice balance between buzzy and formal - always some interesting stuff on the menu. St John is obviously legendary but whether it is suitable would depend on whether you group would enjoy a very stark environment and quite uncompromising food. Zucca is also great - you cant really go wrong with any of those that you list so I would just go for whatever fits your location and budget! Hope you enjoy wherever you go.

      1. Have you considered Les Trois Garcons?.
        It's very handy for the city and they have the chefs table which is a private room for 10.


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          Have had an exceptional business group meal at Bocca.

        2. I've had my eye on Duck & Waffle for a while. Based in the City and sounds gloriously trashy (in a good way). Defo sounds more fun that straight laced (foie gras all day breakfast... what's not to like?)


          1. Les Deux Salons in Covent Garden has a table at the back of the restaurant which I have had a few business lunches/dinners at - you still get the buzz but have the space for a large group.

            Brawn is currently by far my favourite restaurant but not sure it would be right for a group of 10 for a business dinner (I'm sure you will be well behaved but a group of 10 city workers aren't necessarily the most welcome group at the minute :) - not to stereotype you or anything!).

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              Sorry, forgot, also Hix on Brewer Street. You could get a table in the downstairs bar before and then decamp to the private room. They do various 'feast menus' from £50/head including a suckling pig, an oyster and chop one, a seafood feast, veal, game...

              Have just organised someone's 40th there so we are yet to do it and therefore can't comment on how it actually is...but the service so far has been fab. And have drunk/eaten/mostly drunk ;) there before and it's a bit of a crowd pleaser, which is what you want for these kinds of occasions.