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Oct 15, 2012 12:27 PM

Thanksgiving afternoon brunch in OC

Group of 4 adults looking for Thanksgiving afternoon/dinner brunch ideas.
Last year, we did the St. Regis, and were extremely underwhelmed. We had been there prior and had a great brunch experience, but they dropped the ball last year.
Looked into the Ritz, but it is a menu and not buffet, which we would prefer.
Any ideas? Thanks in advance!!

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  1. The Disneyland Hotel actually has a great giant buffet and Napa Rose has a four course meal at a slightly higher price.

    1. Taps in Brea had a nice T-day buffet last year. Carved turkey, all the sides, and lots of other goodies. Not quite like home-cooked, but our dining room was under repair. :)

      1. I have had nice Thanksgiving meals at Lucille's. It is not AYCE, but I really don't want that anyway.

        1. Thanks all! We've decided to do the Montage in Laguna Beach. $110/person (same as the Ritz buffet, but they stop serving at 3:30, and the Montage seats until 5:00). Both do not include champagne (ouch!). I think both would be spectacular!
          Will post to give reviews!!