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Oct 15, 2012 12:22 PM

Where to eat in Greensboro NC?

We will be in Greensboro for two nights. We are looking some really good barbeque and very nice moderately priced meal (entrees $20.00 or less). We like all kinds of food. Thanks.

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  1. Any particular part of town? Off the top of my head, I'll throw out Lucky 32, Saigon, Liberty Oak (most entrees are $20 and over, but they have a lot of hearty salads and sandwiches for less), Rearn Thai, Saffron, Fishbones (not bonefish grill). Not a lot of great bbq in G'boro. Country BBQ on Wendover is pretty good. Some people swear by Stamey's, I used to be a huge fan, but my last visits (which admittedly were several years ago) were not good.

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      Thank you for all the nice responses. We actually stayed just one night as our event ended early enough for us to drive home the second day.

      We chose Siagon to try and were delighted to find it not far from our hotel. The food and the service were both A# Everything that we chose was very delicious. I had excellent softcshell crab served in a spicy sauce, topped with two large scallops and two shrimp. The only complaint that I had about any dish that I tasted was that the shrimp in my dish were overr-cooked but it was a wonderful dish and I would order it again.' When we return next year, we will certainl yeat here again.

    2. I agree with dawg. I would add Binh Minh for fabulous Vietnamese.

      I did see a place today I want to try: The Iron Hen just off Wendover. Google it and look at the menu.

      1. Carolinadawg is right with his recommendations. I would add in Sticks and Stones, across from Fishbones. And I usually still enjoy Stamey's. It depends on your view of Carolina Cue I believe.

        1. Southern Lights, Pastabilities, Green Valley Grille are all good and can find plenty under $20.

          1. Hi,

            I will be in Greensboro staying at Hilton Garden Inn for one night. I am going alone and do not eat meat or shellfish. I am looking for a place i can dine alone ( i am in my mid 30's) and get some decent food/drinks. Any/All ideas would be appreicated


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              Well drinks, likely at Rue 33, Lucky 32, or Green Valley Grill. Veggie food options, there's been a vegan place forever over on Tate St that I just can't place.

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                Thank you. Ill be driving i from miami so anywhere that i can walk to would be best. I did some research and found sticks and stones. I will research the places you reccomended. Tha ks a lot

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                  Fairly good pizza, my parents walk there quite often.

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                Sticks and Stones for wood fired pizza, great NC beer on tap and plenty of good veg options. Printworks Bistro for something a little fancier.