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Oct 15, 2012 12:16 PM

Large party - decent dinner downtown Boston, suggestions needed

I'm looking for a restaurant for a group of 15+ people for a birthday dinner. My co-host keeps coming up with some suggestions that sound an awful lot like PF Changs, help! I'd like something interesting and fun, any ideas?

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  1. What kind of price point are we talking? Any particular cuisine? Where in the city?

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    1. re: mkfisher

      I get the feeling that price isn't a huge concern for the guests, maybe not No. 9 Park, but something on the pricier end would be OK. No specific cuisine, not sure how adventurous people are, but maybe it will encourage them to try something new. Central Boston would be best (probably close to a T stop)

      1. re: fletchie

        Well of course, if they are GUESTS, price wouldn't be a concern.

    2. was pleased with Les Zygomates for a group dinner of about that size. $100 including wine, tip.

      1. esk and island creek can easily fit your budget and group. so could an actual asian place like montien or penang.

        slightly more $$$ would be scampo.

        1. Do you need a room?

          Ummm. I mean a private room for your meal...