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Neal Fraser's " Fritzi Dog" at The Farmers Market

I love hot dogs. Neal Fraser's Fritzi Dog at The Farmers Market @ 3rd and Fairfax will open October 25th. Kind of like Short Order for Hot Dogs. The menu is at this link.
They also have a hot dog tasting menu with 4 inch dogs. Can't wait.

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  1. Wow, yeah, it does sound like the flip side to the short order burgers.

    Sounds good, i'll definitely hit it up soon.


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    1. re: kevin

      ....and just for you they have an all beef dog deli dog.

    2. Very cool! I will anxiously await your report, wienermobile! Wonder if they will be natural casing or not? And fwiw, it appears much more wallet-friendly than Short Order, a big plus!

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      1. re: Dirtywextraolives

        They will be located in the East Patio of the market by Bennett’s Ice Cream and Bob’s Coffee and Doughnuts. Far away from Short Order.

      2. YUM! Cannot wait! Thanks!

        1. Looks great! And it has a breakfast dog which signals it opens early. Going early is my antidote to Farmer's Market hellacious parking. Hope the rest of the menu is available early too.

          Looks like it is between Bryan's Pit BBQ and China Kitchen. I was rather hoping China Kitchen was gone.

          1. No brown mustard! WTF? Yellow mustard - which seems confusingly popular in LA - is like baby poo and sweet mustard on a hotdog is just wrong.

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            1. re: JeMange

              I love brown mustard, too. It wouldn't hurt to have a few bottles of Gulden's around for us oddballs.

              1. re: Dogbite Williams

                If hating yellow mustard and liking Gulden's makes me an oddball...

                1. re: JAB

                  French's only sells more than 4 times as much as Gulden's. I thought the difference would have been greater.

                  Maybe we are mainstream balls, after all.



                  1. re: Dogbite Williams

                    Perhaps as far as condiments are concerned, mustard falls way behind ketchup which would likely be no.1 in sales and then mayo and then mustard to begin with.

                    Hence, the difference between the sales of ketchup and mustard would be quite high.

                    1. re: kevin

                      Actually, I believe salsa has now surpassed ketchup in sales.....

                        1. re: wienermobile

                          You are on top of it with the condiments, wienermobile, good job!

                          1. re: Dirtywextraolives

                            Weinermobile is certainly familiar with all the proclamations in The Ten Condiments

                          2. re: wienermobile

                            But even if we start at ketchup being 3rd, mustard as a condiment would still trail behind ketchup.

                            Thanks for the link on the facts though.

                            No wonder why every fast-food restaurant puts mayo- or mayo-based sauce on almost every sandwich from burgers to fried chicken sandwiches to fish fillet sandwiches to etc.

                2. re: JeMange

                  Nothing wrong with a little Frenchs....... Though others in my family prefer the Grey Poupon.... But I have to agree and say they all should be offered....

                3. Hot Dog, Tater Tots and drink, $11.50. Expensinve Hot Dog lunch.

                  1. It seems unfortunate that all too often a pure beef dog doesn't come with natural casing, and is instead only offered as a kosher/deli dog. I appreciate that a kosher beef dog, being 'kosher', would not have a natural casing. But couldn't they also have an all beef dog with natural casing for that juicy snap loved by the many?

                    And it strikes me as odd that a menu will go into great detail as to the boutique offerings of several bun choices and premium toppings (violet mustard??), yet not once mention which, if any, of their dogs have a natural casing. I want to know if any of their dogs have the quintessential snap, more than I need to know that they have truffle aioli and lardons.

                    Their 'about' page states they hadn't a clue as how to proceed, so they brought in a chef consultant, a managing investor, and a marketing/PR diva!?!

                    I guess natural casings are too icky a topic for polite company. And even if that were the case, they could make a definitive statement in this regard on the menu. It would be _the_ deciding factor for me, as to giving it a try...

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                    1. re: silence9

                      I hear you. Loud and clear.

                      The natural casing that pops when you bite into and all the garlicky, heavily spiced juices rush into your mouth is definitively one of the paradigmatic taste sensations ever. Foie gras be damned !!! :)

                      Now an exceptional, all beef, natural casing hot dog for dinner tonight will do nicely. Very nicely.

                      1. re: silence9

                        The menu comes across as way too studied and precious without any real focus on the things that most hot dog lovers tend to enjoy - such as the snap of a natural casing and the simple pleasure of a plain white bun, some sauerkraut and a squirt of brown mustard.

                        Damn, I wish that Fab's or Cupid's were closer to my location. Real, unpretentious and downright delicious dogs.

                        1. re: JeMange

                          Agreed JeMange! I emailed the Cupid's people asking them to open a location in Pasadena/Monrovia and they said they were looking at that area before they found out that a space in their old location in Van Nuys was available. They are still seriously considering it, though. Where are you located? Maybe they will take suggestions!

                          1. re: WildSwede

                            I live in Silver Lake and would have no problem heading into Pasadena, as long as it's not too far east. For some reason, if faced with drives of equal distance, I'll opt for heading to Pasadena and the SGV over turning west to the dreaded SFV.

                            These days, the dog cravings are satisfied at home with a pack of Bobak's pork franks, a pack of Cantella's natural casing all beef hot dogs, and a grill or large pot of simmering water.

                        2. re: silence9

                          Slaw Dogs in Pasadena specifically offers a natural casing dog, which we always choose. Natural casing is always the winner.

                          1. re: JudiAU

                            I was thinking the same thing about the one in Woodland Hills. They are very good.

                          2. re: silence9

                            I was wondering the same thing about natural casings, too (i.e., whether they have them at Fritzi).

                            Why not a Kosher natural casing dog? The casings usually come from sheep, so that's OK...

                          3. Makes me think of Nancy in the comic pages.
                            I wonder if her Aunt Fritzi has anything to do with this dog?

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                            1. re: Tripeler

                              I'll guess that the owner/chef has/had a dog named Fritzi.

                            2. It appears to be located next to that wretched bbq place, which means we'll have to breathe in its sour, foul odor while ordering our hot dogs.

                              Mr Taster

                              1. Since I have a dear friend in town visiting this weekend, I get to play tour guide and of course after some time in Hollywood, we ended up at the Farmers Market. I didn't even think this was open yet, but it was, and though the line moved quickly, it was by far, the busiest spot in the area.

                                We both tried the Fritzi dog, which is a blend of beef & pork, with some merguez sausage in it. The dog itself was very good, flavorful, but not spicy, and did not have a true snap like I've had before, but certainly seemed to be in a natural casing. I got mine on a pretzel bun, with yellow mustard & relish, as I didn't want to obscure the taste of the dog the first time with cheddar & chili. My friend got his on a Parker roll with yellow mustard and sauerkraut, which they offer warm or cold, he chose warm. We both enjoyed them, along with the tater tots, which I guess are the new rage, though honestly, I feed the frozen ones to my kids, and I couldn't discern any real difference in the two.... I had wanted to try the bacon aioli, for obvious reasons, but they were out of it, so we settled for ketchup. With two cold drinks, the tab was about $25, which I felt was a decent deal, as far as food in that area goes, it was filling, tasty & miles above any other food being offered around that area of the market, except for maybe Short Order, which I really liked, but felt was super expensive.

                                And fwiw, Mr. Taster, there were no sour or other smells coming from the BBQ stall next to it, which I was certainly grateful for ;-))

                                Doubt I would travel here just for the dogs, but definitely a decent place to keep in mind when in the Farmers Market.

                                1. I tried a Fritzi Dog the other day and was quite disappointed. The place looked great but the dog (their "ball park" one) was tasteless. I tend to eat my dogs without a lot of toppings so maybe that's the difference here but a good hot dog should be good even when it's not buried under tastier things.

                                  Then again, I think the barbecue place at Farmers Market makes a great beef sandwich. I'm not fond of their ribs but the sandwiches are pretty good.