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Oct 15, 2012 11:31 AM

Homemade Cherry Bounce needs help...

During the Summer of 2010, I made a gallon of cherry bounce (a Southern cherry liqueur) following a recipe of cherries, whiskey, and sugar. As directed, I let it sit for 6 months, then I strained and bottled it, and let it mature. After almost 2 years, it is now extremely smooth, but it has a slight "cough medicine"/raisiny flavor undertone. Is there anything I can add that will tone it down, or is that flavor characteristic normal? Thanks in advance...:-)

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  1. My father's recipe included port

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    1. re: beteez

      That sounds delicious! What type of port and what ratios of port to whiskey do you suggest? I would try the "to taste" method but if I experiment too much, I might not remember how much I used. :-)

      1. re: buzzardbreath

        As best as I can recall it was equal amounts of whiskey & port. He never specified the type of port, but it gave it a beautiful red color my neighbor called the macerated cherries atomic

        1. re: beteez

          Many thanks! Now I know how much. I am guessing tawny or ruby port but I will ask the local wine shop to suggest a sweet or medium-sweet port. Cannot believe I didn't think of port to mellow out the flavor! That should do the trick. :-)

          1. re: buzzardbreath

            I would say ruby port if you want young sweet fruit flavor. Tawny is more mature and oxidized.

            1. re: JMF

              Thank you, JMF. I was leaning toward ruby. After I add the port, should the bounce rest for a week or so to let the flavors meld, or will it be ready to bottle and give right away?

              1. re: buzzardbreath

                Liqueurs always benefit from resting for a bit. but if it tastes good, go ahead and bottle. Go easy, you don't want to overwhelm the bounce with the port.