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Oct 15, 2012 10:22 AM

I'm sorry, I don't know where to post this question.

A few days ago I found (but have no idea where or how) unread posts.
Where do I find that? I haven't been able to find it since.
I've tried looking, honest, but to no avail.
I'd appreciate you telling me so I can easily read the posts that I assume haven't been read yet or so it seems :;-/
If this is posted elsewhere, please redirect me or eliminate this.
I have no idea how to follow anything on here, favorite posts, favorite posters, favorite threads.
Other than going to my profile page, I'm lost.
Thanks to all the brills in here that are in the know.

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    By clicking on the red CHOWHOUND tab at the top-ish of the pages, I wind up at the all boards page of unread posts.

    1. Assume you mean this:

      At the top of the screen where it says CHOW you'll see a grey header bar underneath it with THE BLOG VIDEOS RECIPES CHOWHOUND and so forth.

      Just click the button that says CHOWHOUND. Click it or hover over it and when the drop down menu shows, move down to ALL BOARDS and click that.


      1. Hi iL Divo,

        You might be referring to Unread Posts, formerly known as Hot Posts - this can be found under your profile. However, this feature isn't working properly, and is going to be removed from the site completely in the next few weeks.

        When you are logged in to CHOW, and visit any board page, you can see which discussions you have read, and which ones you haven't read (unread discussions will be marked with a "New" flag). The new flag will also appear for discussions that have new updates since you last read them.

        Hope this helps!
        Dave MP

        1. you all helped thank you all.
          I'm just not cybersmart :(