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Single meal Toronto

I apologize in advance if this answer is readily available; I have not yet searched this board. On Wednesday, I will be coming to Toronto for a presentation and have time for a meal afterward (around 3:00-5:00). I will be about 20 minutes east of the airport.

I would ideally like to find something that is especially good in Toronto (I'm not sure what that is at the moment but will soon enough). I definitely don't want anything that I can get a better version of in Texas which is where I'm coming from.

Thank you in advance for your help. I wish I had more time up there, I've never been to Canada before.

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  1. Can you be a bit more specific about where you'll be? The city itself is east of the airport so 20 minutes east is a little vague to allow for specific recommendations that will fit your timeframe.

    1. Short answer, Cantonese, 20 minutes east of the airport with a car puts you roughly in the right area. Some of the usual suspects can recommend a specific spot.

      1. Grand Chinese Cuisine in the Doubletree Airport Hotel is very good.

        1. Sorry, I will add a bit more detail:

          I will be in the fashion district by the Billy Bishop Airport.

          I am open to all cuisines but again would like to have a Canada/Toronto specialty. Cantonese would have been great except I will be going to Guangzhou (formerly Canton) in two weeks!

          That said, I may be asking for too much and would be happy for a great Cantonese meal if that's what's delicious in the area.

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            Ignore everything so far - different airport!
            You are right downtown - the main problem is that almost everything is closed between 3:00 and 5:00 pm. What time is your return flight (so we can assess whether you'll have time to eat and fly)?

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              How about Banh Mi Boys? They'll be open and it's not something that most other cities would have. Actually, you could grab something small there and head a bit further down the street to have something else at Gandhi Roti or New York Sub too.

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                Funny, Banh Mi Boys was going to be my recommendation as well! I'm pretty sure that kimchi fries are not common in Texas, but damn are they good.

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                  And then maybe a stop at Soma (King & Spadina) for some gelato (and chocolate) before going home...

          2. Go to Khao San Road for the best Thai in the city (call to see if they are serving at that hour). I bet you can get something if you are there around 3ish

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              Khao San Road is closed between lunch (ends at 2:30 or so) and dinner service (starts at 5).

            2. First off, thank you to everyone for your help. I'm amazed at how active this board is. Dallas needs to step up it's game.

              As for Banh Mi, Dallas actually has a quite large Vietnamese population. And funny enough, Kimchi fries are all the rage from several Korean Taco food trucks. That said, I love Banh Mi and that might be perfect especially if time is an issue (return flight leaves at 6:45 and it's international so I need to be there early).

              What's at Gandhi Roti? I'm assuming it's Indian. I'm hoping they have wraps like a Kati roll or a Frankie.

              Thanks again.

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                Gandhi is my favourite roti -- roti in this context is usually a West Indies dish. A very thin, chewy flat bread wrapped around a curry filling. Gandhi takes an East Indian approach to the dish, and it's wonderful. It's essentially a curry burrito. They will ask you your heat level and be warned that "hot" is really hot.

                And at Banh Mi Boys, there are three types of carbs: traditional bahn me buns, steamed buns and "tacos" which are really a flat bread. So if you like banh mi, you might enjoy banh mi fillings in a different "wrap". And these guys are doing a brilliant job with the fillings. Really high quality stuff.

                You can't go wrong with BMB or Gandhi! Or Soma for dessert.

                And if you're flying Porter, immigration is really zippy, so don't worry too much about being super early.

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                  Very helpful. I love Trinidadian Roti's, I've actually been to T&T.

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                    And NY Sub a few doors down has curry burritos! :)

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                    Oh, I should add that the kimchi fries at BMB has pulled pork on it. Fries, pulled pork, kimchi, scallions and mayo. Amazing.

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                      If you want a sit down meal, you can head towards Le Select Bistro. I always find this place serve one of the best French bistro meals in a friendly and warm environment. They're open during the time you're available.

                      There is also Rodney's Oyster house. I love the oysters here as they have their own oyster depot and it's always a great selection. The service is courteous and if you sit at the bar, you can see your oysters get freshly shucked and get a great conversation going with them as well.

                      The other option is to follow the footsteps of Anthony Bourdain when he came to Toronto. He went to Agave Y Aguacate and Porchetta and Co in addition to others. I believe those 2 places are open during 3-5 pm.


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                        Another French bistro recommendation: Jules Bistro. Casual atmosphere, really good food on Spadina just south of Queen (147 Spadina).


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                          Just a note that Agave Y Aguacate is closed.

                      2. It might increase your range of choices if you could tell us at what venue you'll be (attending/giving) your presentation. 20 minutes east of Billy Bishop includes just about everything west of the Air Canada Centre and south of The Bay Queen St.