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Oct 15, 2012 10:01 AM

Homemade cherry liqueur needs some help...

During the Summer of 2010, I made a gallon of cherry bounce (a Southern cherry liqueur) following a recipe of cherries, whiskey, and sugar. As directed, I let it sit for 6 months, then I strained and bottled it, and let it mature. After almost 2 years, it is now extremely smooth, but it has a slight "cough medicine"/raisiny flavor undertone. Is there anything I can add that will tone it down, or is that flavor characteristic normal? Thanks in advance...:-)

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  1. Wow... The only thing I could think of is serve it with a twist of lemon. That might tone it down a little.

    1. Coke..........remembering the Cherry Coke of years ago! Might even be good?

      1. I'm thinking almond extract or something like that? Love almond flavor with cherry.

        1. Try serving it over ice with club soda or seltzer. Or over ice cream.

          Whiskey tends to be on the sweet side, IMHO. I make my cherry liqueur with sour cherries and everclear, then dilute after it's aged. Still comes out sweet, even when I don't use any sugar to speak of.

          1. These are all delicious options! I've already served it over ice cream (sooo good!) and also in seltzer and in cola (cola was the best). I am thinking about gently simmering the liqueur down to a slightly thicker syrup and then bottle the syrup to give as holiday or hostess gifts. I might also try adding just a touch of vanilla or almond extract as was suggested. Thank you all for your ideas and suggestions! :-)